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DigiMaster CW Interface.

When things go as expected there is little motivation to leave feedback
and only one in "hundreds" go on to leave positive feedback.
That is what makes positive feedback so valuable and so appreciated.
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DC1RDB Robert
  Super fast delivery
Very easy to set up, works perfect with Moonsked
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  Works flawlessly. Easy to use and setup.
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  Great little winkeyer unit.Gives much cleaner CW output when interfaced to my laptop and N1MM.(cured occassional ,annoying morse spacing aberrations) Including use for manual "paddling". Need to plug the output into a manual key socket-ie .Not into an electronic key socket on rig...otherwise strange things will happen ! Very please with results.73, Mike
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N3BYR - Greg
  Shipping took a minute but that is NOT the fault of anyone other than the mail service to the US. Item arrived today. Easy setup and no need for cables (all included). Works wonderfully and as it should. Price was very reasonable - most interfaces cost a lot more. Overall very satisfied - Thank you!
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Pete G4ZOB
  Speedy delivery. High quality unit that functions perfectly. Many thanks!
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  Absolutely brilliant device; I use it with my IC7300, PC & N3FJP logging software. Never had a glitch with it and fantastic value for money
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Tony 2M0SNT
  25/12/21 CW Keyer a great addition to my stn. Well made and easy to set up and use with a Xiegu G90. Excellent product and will use website again.
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  Super-fast service, up and running perfectly with N1MM contest logger. Many thanks!
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  This is a fine product, does exactly what I needed and saved me a few dollars in the process.
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  Use with a FT857 for a few years and I am very satisfied, thank you.
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  Used the zlp winkeyer several years, and it works fine.
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F4FAP Eric
  Quick service. Easy to use on Windows XP to my old FT900. Tks.
Service rapide. Très facile à installer sur XP (ça se débrouille tout seul). Merci.
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Dave in Australia
  Thanks to Neil
Received the cable and am satisfied buying from yourselves than either eBay or AliExpress
Thank You
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Gerald Manthey – KC6CNN
  Hello Neil
The keyer arrived today. Wow. This is a very attractive and well built keyer.
I am impressed with it.
I will be ordering another one from you to keep as a spare.
I also want to order a sound card to use with my old Kenwood 530SP.

Thanks for a fine product.

Gerald Manthey – KC6CNN
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  Works with Skookum Logger and other apps on a Macbook as well as under Windows with N1MM etc.
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G0JMS - Min
  Thanks again for your support, rapid dispatch of cable.
Good quality items over the years and support.
Many thanks G0JMS
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I have been using the CW Interface for around 4 to 5 years on both the TS590 and now the IC7610. This device is small but punches well above its size. In addition, I recently had an issue, a quick mail to Neil resolved the issue in a very short time. This company's response is impressive and I would recommend them.
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  Love this CW interface, easy to set up, easy to use. Works perfectly with my FT2K. Highly recommended.
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M5PM Patrick October 24, 2019 - 10:54 AM
  Had to swap my Kent Keyer's jack to a 3.5 mm jack, and then it ran right out of the box. very easy. iMac OS Cantalina, software RUMLogNG
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K2UCW August 02, 2019 - 02:39 AM
  K2UCW / Richard July 31, 2019 - 02:02 AM
Easy to set up under Ubuntu linux using flwkey to configure. Works well with cqrlog too. Like the small size. This will replace the built-in keyer in the my K2 and allow for smoother contest operation. Very nice piece of kit.
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ZL1OW / Ray January 21, 2019 - 09:01 PM
  MiniProSC, arrived here in NZ in good time, connected to FT-450D and Computer, and as expected it worked straight away. Replaced my MiniPro and external sound card which gave stirling service but I decided to have a cable tidy up hence the purchase of the MiniProSC.
Very reliable Product.
Regards, Ray
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Holger, DL9DHA August 07, 2018 - 10:39 AM
  The DigiMaster CW Interface works perfect with N1MM+ and my K3S! So I bought a second one ;-)
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G0PHO / Colin May 03, 2018 - 11:42 AM
  WOW, absolutely great help and advice and service.
Super fast delivery with great kit.
First class all-round.
Thank you very much indeed.
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Ray M0DHP April 10, 2018 - 02:39 PM
  Bought the DigiMaster CW interface for contesting. It's small and neat and does exactly what I need. Excellent support from Neil G4ZLP. Highly recommended.
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G4MQB Martin November 15, 2017 - 01:57 PM
  I have the DigiMaster DataLink and the MiniPro SC, used with Yaesu FT-100 and FT-8800. Both units were plugged in and working in minutes with no dramas. The rigs benefit from dedicated data interfaces which really helps. Have used the interfaces with a variety of data software and had no problems at all.
These are great products,
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Greg K2UM May 31, 2017 - 07:24 PM
  Superb build and performance. Couldn't be more pleased and replaces a finicky MicroHam device.. It takes up less space among my clutter of station accessories and it simply works, the first time, every time and is consistently recognized by my Mac and OSX. Hooray!
It got a good workout in the 2017 CQ WPX CW contest since I had excellent conditions for the first day. It is interfaced with my MacLoggerDX program. I am so impressed I ordered a second one. I also like it's portability. My compliments and 73
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Tony, G8TDL May 15, 2017 - 06:49 PM
  Had it all up and running very quickly with my KX1 and a windows tablet with CWget/CWtype. Great stuff - works really well.
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Martin M0HOM February 10, 2017 - 01:12 AM
  I have say that I am impressed with the CW Interface.
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G0PWZ Peter January 11, 2017 - 11:03 AM
  Another quality product from ZLP Electronics. Thanks for your help too Neil before I purchased the Digimaster CW Interface. Received my item the next day and well packed too, all up and running and I am very pleased with this product.
Very Best 73 Neil, Peter, G0PWZ.
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KC6ZBE Dave January 04, 2017 - 06:44 AM
  Had several questions about the CW interface that were answered right away. I went ahead and ordered it and I am very satisfied!
Shipping to my place in the U.S. was pretty quick.

I power the interface with a small battery power bank via the USB.
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LA/G3SWC Bryn January 03, 2017 - 04:25 PM
  Nice product.
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G3VIR Roland December 30, 2016 - 10:59 AM
  Excellent CW Interface.

Very fast delivery. This interface is an excellently produced unit and comes with everything you need except key jack adaptor (if needed). I connected it up and ran some test software and my rig was instantly sending "real" CW. A product I just can't fault in true tradition to G4ZLP's other products. When comparing it with others on the market, there is no contest. one end into the USB and the other into the CW socket, run your software and away you go!!
It's a must!!
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Bryan M0OIC October 17, 2016 - 10:13 AM
  Purchased a IC-7300 at the Hamfest 01 Oct 16. Everything now working SSB and digital and thanks to this CW Interface MRP40 is working 100%. Took a while as I didn't realise (must read the manual one day) that in addition to being set for a straight key I also had to go to FUNCTIONS and open BKIN. Been using MRP40 for years and now set for Winkey it works well with the new IC-7300. MRP40 and ZLP CW interface - made for each other? Thanks Neil, also of course Norbert.
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Nigel G4BSW October 14, 2016 - 02:39 PM
  Received this morning and up and running in no time with RUMLogNG on my iMac and Kenwood TS590. What a brilliant little device. I very nearly ordered a winkeyer from USA at crazy price with huge postage cost and then saw this. Can highly recommend. Thank you Neil.
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LW1DTZ - Esteban September 05, 2016 - 08:36 AM
  I used your CW interface in HK stations contest and worked flawless. Then I want two for me!!!.
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G4SJX MIKE July 28, 2016 - 07:38 PM
  WOW! Ordered yesterday in the shack and on the bench today, that's what I call fast delivery.
Now to re-learn my CW.
Great product.
Thank you very much.
73 de Mike G4SJX
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M0AZE July 16, 2016 - 09:29 PM
  First of all I'm a Apple Mac user, so when I read the spec and it mentioned MacLogger and WinKeyer, thought I might be onto something. There is a mac version available of Winkeyer software called MacWinKeyer. Both MacLogger and MacWinKeyer applications work, sending CW to my FT3000.
So if you are like me and don't want to use Windows - another way of not having too!
Very prompt service from Neil.
Half the price of the actual WinKeyer kit itself and when you add p&p plus import VAT it makes this CW interface a real bargain from a supplier in the UK.
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Roger G0BSU
  Works perfectly. I use N1MM and MRP40. Excellent support and help with flash update.
Delete entry # 38
  I use with N1MM, Logger32. It is stable and works properly with FT2000 and IC7000.
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  Thanks for the CW Interface, have received last Thursday (very quick delivery). Have installed and configured, it's working very well, I'm happy with it (I use TR4W and flwkey).
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David G0LRD
  I use a DigiMaster CW keyer with my HF rig, and a DigiMaster DataLink with my FT-817 for datamodes. Both perform perfectly. Neil was also kind enough to update the CW keyer firmware in response to a feature request from me. A very happy customer!
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  Everything works fine!
Tnx es vy 73 Manfred
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DK5DQ Mario
Delete entry # 43
G4ZMM - Jon
I received the CW Keyer upgrade firmware this morning, very prompt delivery and well packaged. The upgrade took just a few minutes to complete, so thanks for the clear and precise instructions and the continued good service. 73 de Jon / G4ZMM
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Geoff G4AEI
  Delighted to have got your CW interface works great.
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4s7vg /Vasanth guruge
  DigiMaster CW Interface arrived today and is working well.Thanks for the fast delivery.
Best regards,
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ON6SX Axel
  Works great and after the latest flash update it got even better.
Easy to use,and it does what it has to do.
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Geert ON4ADN
  This is the second interface from your company in my hands and its really perfect. Made some test with different software : WORKS GREAT !!!
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Mike Fincher G6SWO
  I could not get DigiMaster to work, running MRP40 and using an old rig (FT-One), so a quick e-mail to Neil got an even quicker response. "Have you run Flash" updates and set MRP40 mode? this is critical he said!

Do'oh! Ran Flash update, set MRP40 and now in business. Thanks Neil.
Delete entry # 49
  Ordered on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday by first class post. As another feedback said "It took longer to get out of the Box than set it up".
I am using HRD and it works a treat. Thank you Neal for First Class Interface.

73 Stuart
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  Great CW interface...DigiMaster CW Interface works great and is priced reasonablly well...
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Geoff G3ROG
  At last found time to getting the Digimaster working, alongside the N1MM logger. It appears to be plug-in compatible with the Winkeyer I borrowed; though you mentioned it was not designed for Standalone mode, it works nicely as such, plugged in to the USB port of my TS-590S. Well worth the investment particularly as the Winkeyer, with Customs duties including VAT and shipping to the UK is getting on for 100..
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YC1ME Mawan
  Item as described.
Delete entry # 53
  CW Keyer
Very quick deliverly, just arrived here. Installation is very easy with no problem. It works fine as expected. One small suggestion, No label on rear panel at all. Is it possible to add label at least for CW and Paddle jack ?
I will use CW keyer together with KX3 in my next DXpedition from South Pacific.
Thanks for great product. 73 de aki
Delete entry # 54
  Worked straight out the box. All these years I never realised by Bencher and homebrew keyer were both reverse-polarity! Working excellently with logger32 and SD.
You can use any polarity you wish, simply load up any software that supports WinKey and set it (along with many other parameters), whichever way you like. The key will use that setting until you change it again.
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Warren - K6QX
  Love it! Just plugged in and sent CW.
Delete entry # 56
Straightforward and fast transaction and good product.
Delete entry # 57
Tim W4YN
  Received the interface in record time!
Been having FUN getting it to work with all sorts of programs!
Delete entry # 58
  Thank you for your speedy delivery. Very nice piece of equipment. It took longer to open the box than it did to have it on my desk sending CW with WinKeyer Demo. Win 7 64b found drivers in 2-3 minutes.
Delete entry # 59
Olivier DK1CM
  Fantastic Neil!
Thanks a lot for the flying support!
Have a good time.
Best Regards,
Delete entry # 60
  The DigiMaster CW keyer/Interface is a brilliant piece of miniature kit and is small enough to easily fit in the breast pocket of a jacket.
Delete entry # 61
Jacques F1VEV
  Digimaster CW keyer ordered new chip. Arrived in few days installed. Flash upgraded and all 100%. Great product service 73s
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Andreas DL5CG
  im owner of a digimaster pro 3. it works very good for my ft 857 travel set.therfore i have ordered the cw interface for my ft dx 3000. the trxv has a inbuilding usb interface, therfore i need only a good cw
interface. that is the digimaster cw keyer / interface.
Delete entry # 63
  Nice unit very small. Worked as advertised.
Delete entry # 64
  Very fast turn around, extremely well packaged,works great.
Delete entry # 65
David MM0AMW
  Hi Neil, just a quick update. I made just under 500 contacts in the WPX cw contest at the weekend using N1MM contest logger and never missed a beat. Worked flawlessly.

Delete entry # 66
  Very fast shipping in Italy, good packaging!
Item much more little than expected, it mounts a virtual port and it's seen by software as "winkey"
On the rear 3,5mm jack for external paddle.
It's what I needed!

Delete entry # 67
  Thank you, received promptly and perfectly.
Delete entry # 68
  Nice unit very small. Works as advertised.
Delete entry # 69
  Hi Neil,
Chip arrived and installed. Checked and working.
73 Edward
Delete entry # 70
  Recieved yesterday and up and running in no time with HRD and N1MM. my second product from you and very pleased as ever 73s
Delete entry # 71
Franco EA1WSR
  Works well in N1MM.
I am very happy.
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G4ZLP Neil
In response to feedback the CW interface has been redesigned with a larger knob.
Delete entry # 73
  CW Interface.

Hi Neil,
Interface installed and worked first time with DM780. Agree with Paul/ON7VD, a larger speed control knob would be an improvement. Very fine compact interface.
73 de Ned
Delete entry # 74
  Hi Neil, Delivery was quick, complete and correct. The interface is plug and play, I use it with N1MM and DM780. One small suggestion for improvement: the speed control knob is very small, a slightly larger knob would be nice to have. 73 Paul
Delete entry # 75
  plug and play, quick service, ordered one day, arrived the next. Good value for money.
Delete entry # 76
  Today received USB CW Keyer. The magnificent device! Plug and play. All excellent commuting. Eagerly awaiting the full interface- ProThree. Thank you Neil
Delete entry # 77
  works perfectly. Ed GM0WED
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Russ g0okd
  Ordered modem and it was delivered less than 24 hours later, connected up as per instructions and worked first time running kenwood ts480 cat software and fldigi.

The build quality is excellent including all leads.

Tks russell g0okd pinxton Derbyshire
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Richard M0RBG
  DigiMaster CW Interface

Arrived 24 hours from ordering, great support from Neil and the interface is now running with SD and Winlog32.
Delete entry # 80
Dominique F4AOS
  Hello Neil,
The postman brought me your package this morning in very good condition. Everything is OK. Thank you!
Dominique F4AOS
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