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Single USB Universal CAT Interfaces.
YAESU CT62 CAT Interfaces.

When things go as expected there is little motivation to leave feedback
and only one in "hundreds" go on to leave positive feedback.
That is what makes positive feedback so valuable and so appreciated.
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  Arrived in a couple of days. Plugged in and all working great. Using with HRD and N1MM+ contest logger. XP laptop (I know, I Know) and Ft-840

Thanks Neil - great product, great service
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M1SLH Ken November 10, 2018 - 05:11 PM
  Many thanks for the quick delivery. The CT62 is working fine, the dodgy Prolific dongle confined to recycling. WSJT and HRD no problem.
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ON7CE Eduard May 18, 2018 - 04:31 PM
  Cable arrived today. Joined PC to the FRG9600 (Sommerkamp SRG-8600DX) with it and it is marvellous to let the software (TRX-Manager) do all the nifty switching. Thanks!
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Wayne September 28, 2017 - 09:25 PM
  Just to say thanks for the cable Niel... It worked first time.. I've been messing about trying to get a cheap one I got of EBay working for over 1 year without any luck so I am very pleased.
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KR4IN September 18, 2017 - 09:27 PM
  Received the Yaesu CAT TTL interface in a timely period, and being new to JT65, it took me quite awhile to get things operating (JT65-HF, if fact it was a BEAR! Neil had helped me figure which intfaces were needed for the Yaesu FT 840, but never did answer my lase email when I could not get it to transmit. I recommend his product.
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VK2HCM/Mark January 28, 2017 - 05:50 AM
  Hi Neil,
CAT cable arrived earlier this week, thanks. Plugged it in today and it works well.
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G4AKU Nigel November 29, 2016 - 05:38 AM
  Interface cable (CT62 dongle) received and working well!
Thanks & best regards
Nigel G4AKU
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MW0CIA Norman October 19, 2016 - 12:29 PM
  Thanks for a excellent service, received my CT -62 and all is up and running. I will definitely be using you again.
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N4CVX October 10, 2016 - 02:06 AM
  Excellent workmanship. Easily connected Yaesu FT-736R to my Windows 7 workstation. Connected almost immediately with TRX controller application. No fumbling, etc. You, sir, are a Wizard Boffin!
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PE1LON September 30, 2016 - 02:39 AM
  Dear Neil,

It took only 4 days for the shipment to arrive. Hooked it up to a laptop W7. As the laptop isn't that fast it needed a few minutes to find the driver. Then it works flawless, great deal! At first I'd wanted to control 2 transceivers (FT-847 & FT-950) with 2 cables. But as it works out great, I've just ordered another one. I would anybody like to recommend this solution.

73's John
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CS7AIN September 28, 2016 - 09:08 AM
  I received today my minidin-RS232 Cat CT 62 cable, plugged right away on my FT-857d for interface with SCU-17, and it's working on flawless conditions. Great Mr. Neil!

73's de CS7AIN - Raúl
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VK3LHB Bill August 10, 2016 - 01:48 PM
  The CT-62 cable arrived last week. Appreciate the speedy service from the other side of the world.
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M0MBO Malcolm
  Digimaster CT62 arrived safely and already in use!
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EI6FR Declan
  just a quick note to say the CAT interface arrived today and how delighted I am with it. Just love things that work first time out of the box. Tried it first with HRD in autodetect to locate my FT857D, no problems, then tried it with N1MM+ and the FT857D which is its intended usage on IOTA trips, again a flawless and easy connection and funtionality. Congratulations ona fine product and my next order for a DATA modem will be placed shortly.
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  Can't fault you Neil fast delivery after sales 2nd to none
Even take time to email after hours
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  Bought a CAT interface for my Yaesu FT-847,the usual top quality from Neil and very fast shipping.
73 Colin
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Lindon 2e0ppz
  CAT to pc yaesu ft840. Came within 3days (Easter hols) plugged in and working first time with hrd. 10/10 for service, 10/10 for product. Thanks very much neil
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M0TSW - Tim
  Excellent quality product and it comes with leads as well! Ordered and delivered within 48 hours. Up and running within a few minutes.
Thank you Neil.
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  I have burned through a few of the cheap #20 USB cat's and just could not find one that would last more than a couple days to a week before going out. I always thought the CT-62 was a bit on the pricy side so, I never gave it much though. After spending more on back cheap cat's, I should have bought it a long time ago. It is well worth the price. Only took about a week for it to get to me. I could not be any happier!!!
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  I Have used many different cat interfaces in the past and i thought that the Zip one was expensive at first, then having used it a few days and finding how stable it is I would recommend one to anyone, i can even turn off my radio for a hour or more and when i tur it back on coms start again, good one .
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  rs-232 cat interfase for yaesu ft-736r.... working very fine, very good !!! thank you, and very fast shipping , and just price
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Markus HB3YNI
  As a complete newbie in the world of amateur radio, I tried to set up my equipment: FT-897D, ATU FC-30 and Ham Radio Deluxe...and of course this was a "no go"!
Some local dealers recommended as "workaround" the purchase of a different ATU...
Now after the installation of the perfect solution provided by ZLP Electronics, everything works fine!
Thank you very much G4ZLP and team!!

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John N1YV
  Hi Neil,
New lead (Y4) is installed and from all reports sounds just fine – Thank You!
Thanks again for your steadfast customer service and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Rob S
  Rob S
Yaesu FT-840 CAT interface.
I emailed a query on Tuesday evening.
It was answered almost immediately.
I ordered there and then.
Thursday morning, the package arrived.
I looked at the instructions, then obeyed the instructions. All working in 15 minutes (including reading).

10/10 for service. 10/10 for product.
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  Needed a new data lead after changing Yaesu
model. Asked via e-mail for guidance Fast reply ordered by mail, less than a week turnaround Excellent service.
73 Burro
Delete entry # 25
  Rapid despatch, prompt & efficient help when I had a problem. I recommend G4ZLP highly.
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Adam M6RDP
  I just wanted to say thank you for sending the Yaesu interface so quickly. It arrived the next day and I have really enjoyed being able to CAT control my Yaesu FRG100.I am thinking about getting another for my Icom radio. They look terrific in the shack and arevery solidly built. Proud to be a new owner.
Thanks for a very professional interface. 73 Adam (M6RDP) Torquay.
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  I have received my Digimaster CAT interface for my 857 this afternoon. In 15 min. it was working fine, no blue screens.
Thanks for the quik delivery.
Delete entry # 28
  i ordered a cat system to use with my yaesu ft840 and windows vista. following the instructons,i installed the driver and was using the interface in less than 10 mins, on the free version of hrd. super fast posting, great service, thank you.
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  Cat interface for Yaesu.
Very fast delivery.
Plugged it in and it just works:-)
No hassle, perfect, thanks
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Arrived today and now i can use my FC-30 Tuner, the hand mic and the pc link up all at the same time!
Delete entry # 31
  This is the second cable that I buy. I received it very soon. It work perfectly with my ft897 and ham radio deluxe.
Gilles f5jbe
Delete entry # 32
  I just wanted to extend a very personal thank you for the cable. It works great and I am simply impressed! I still have some things to learn about the software but I love it.
Delete entry # 33
  Excellent service and fast shipment!
73 and Best regards,
Juris - YL2GBL
Delete entry # 34
  Greet shop and al the item's are working very good.
Thanks Rene
Delete entry # 35
Chris, M0JRQ
  CAT cable for my FT-817.
Excellent service with lightning delivery and a good product at a competitive price.
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Simeone Tazzari
  CT62-A: Very great product at low cost. Fast delivery. Excellent communication. Many thanks.
Simeone Tazzari - Milano - Italy
Delete entry # 37
  I chose ZLP for the CT62 cable because it was much lower cost than US suppliers. Surprisingly, it only took 5 calendar days to be shipped from the UK to my home in Florida. The cable worked perfectly and I'm now getting to know HRD software. I also appreciate ZLP's financial support of HRD.
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Gordon MM3ZGK
  Orderer a cable (CT62-K)for my 857-D arrived next day. Cable is well made of professional quality and works perfectly with HRD. Thanks for the prompt service.
Delete entry # 39
  Great Product!

Works a treat for my FT-817!
Delete entry # 40
  Purchased CT-62B cable for Yeasu FT-840 to work with HRD, after emailing ZLP Electronics I received cable 24 hours after ordering, what an excellent service and the cable works fine. Keep up the good service ZLP Electronics
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John - W4PAH
  Purchased one CT62 cable on eBay from ZLP Electronics (the "HAM RADIO DELUXE RECOMMENDED YAESU CT62 CAT CABLE"). Received it in no time to my home in North Carolina. In my eagerness to use the cable I put it in the wrong port (do not put it in the DATA port) and pushed one of the pins back into the housing. ZLP was helpful to me in repairing the user error and I'm now in business. Great cable and great support! Thank you!
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F0FGB romain
  jai acheté 2 cables ct62 pour yaesu ft857 et ft100 et pas de probleme, colis arrivé rapidement et payement par paypal sans probleme!!
Delete entry # 43
  I purchased some CT-62 cables for my Yaesu FT-757gxII and FT-897D and another one for a FT-100. Excellent Interface.I use with Ham Radio Deluxe and working really fine. I recomend ZPL to all customers, very fast shipment.
Canary Islands
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  A few days ago I ordered 3 cables. 2x CT62-P Yaesu powered CAT interface for two HAM-friends of mine and for myself I ordered 1 DM232[B]PROG interface 6pin mini din.

3 days later I received the three cables well packed in my mailbox. I hooked them up and worked straight away! This saves me so much time to program my rig!

Excellent service and lightning fast shipment! I highly recommend ZLP Electronics if you need an interfacecable!

Best regards,
Martin - PA2RUS
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  I ordered a CAT interface for my FT-817 Wednesday, and received it the following Monday! Not bad considering from the UK to the US! The interface is made well. I hooked it up and had it running with Ham Radio Deluxe and FT Commander. The cost of the CAT interface (CT62)with shipping was around $24. It is by far the cheapest I have found. I have purchased CAT interfaces as well as digital interfaces from him before. I would recommend ZLP interfaces to anybody!
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K6SBA David
  I purchased a CT-62 compatible cable for my Yaesu FT-897. The cable was shipped and delivered from the UK to California in 5 days! The cable is extremely well made and a real bargain. Even with the shipping charges it is still 25-30% less costly than standard CT62 cables. A ZLP cable, Ham Radio Deluxe and an FT-897: not a bad package!

73 de K6SBA
David in Santa Barbara CA
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  I ordered a CAT cable for my FT-897D Sunday night (early Monday morning in the UK) through the paypal interface. It arrived on Thursday in MD, USA and works perfectly.
Delete entry # 48
Patrice F5PEQ
  I purchased a Yaesu CAT cable for my FT 747 GX . Ordered on monday evening, received package in France on saturday morning. Excellent product very good construction. very pleased.
Delete entry # 49
Alan Davis
  I purchased a CT62-P Cat Interface and it is first rate very good Quality and the p&p service is top notch.But it does not stop there to say the leased i was having problems getting my ft1000mp+my ft897 to come up with the goods(operator error)But i phoned Neil and about twenty minutes later he had put me right i can not thank him enough for his time and all his first rate info.Many thanks Neil
Alan Davis
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James Roff 2E1EMK
  I purchased a Yaesu cat cable for an ft847 it went missing in the post on contacting Neil he was very helpfull and curtious and sent me a replacement cable which arrived next day i was up and running with HRD 5 minutes later well made cable good quality components, thanks
Delete entry # 51
David K6SBA
  I recently purchased the CT-62 equivalent cable for my FT-897D. This was an eBay transaction and it was totally "seamless." Imagine this: A high quality cable, at the lowest price I could find, and shipped from the UK to California in a total time of four days! I am totally impressed with the product and service.
Delete entry # 52
  Excellent product very good construction and fast delivery. Thanks
Delete entry # 53
  CT62-B.. Received the item in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work and the great product line.
Delete entry # 54
  That's it really.
Quality, Price, Service - All 100%.
Cannot say more.
Delete entry # 55
  Got one for my ts-850 and ft-100D. All features on screen. Works with radio shak USB-2 to rs-232 adaptor. Worth every cent.
Delete entry # 56
  This was my second purchase from Neil. Why? because I am a satisfied customer with my first purchase for the interface cable for my FT-767GX. So when I needed one for the FT-857D I thought why bother shopping anywhere else - great product - great seller - JUST BUY IT.
Delete entry # 57
  This was my first purchase from Neil. I wanted a CAT interface cable for the FT-857D. The dealer I bought the rig from wanted $60.00 and it was not in stock, so I would pay $60.00 plus S/H if back ordered (con job). I looked at reviews here and decided to use Neil via eBay. As I needed the cable ASAP I asked Neil is he would ship the cable right away and trust me to send the cheque drawn on a UK bank right away. I received the the cable in an incredible 4 days time from the UK here in California. The shipping was so cheap I could not believe it, I have been charged 4 times the amount in the USA and it took 5 days to get here. This makes buying from Neil a really cheap option. The interface is well made and worked perfectly. Would I buy from Neil at ZLP electronics again? you bet I would, I will never be ripped off again by inferior OM products.
Delete entry # 58
  Cable is very neat solution, sufficiently inexpensive that it was not worth making one.
Neil despatched it swiftly and it works fine with both my Yaesu FT-1000D and my FT-990.
Nicer solution than the external powered interfaces... very pleased.
Delete entry # 59
  The CAT cable to connect my FT857 to the PC arrived in 24 hours and worked straight away.
Delete entry # 60
Richard M3PBE
  Orderd ft897 CAT to PC cable, came within 2days plugged in and worked first time with HRD
Thanks Neil
Delete entry # 61
  I bought the lead for CAT operation for the FT-847 and very impressed using the Ham Radio Delux software. It arrived fast and back on the site to order a lead for the FT-1000MP mk5..

Great work Neil..


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IZØINX Filippo
  I bought three interface cables: for ICOM IC-R10, Kenwood TS-440S and Yaesu FT-897D/I. All are arrived in few days, are very well manufactured and, of course, work very well.
Thanks Neil, I'm very satisfied!

73, IZØINX Filippo
Delete entry # 63
  I have the RS232 digimode interface for Yaesu 6 pin mini din, which works on most radios with the same plug (Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood)and recently the Icom CIV lead, both work perfect.
The CIV lead works my IC-7000 with Ham Radio Delux without any problems.
Cheers for great service and well built, fair priced kit.
Delete entry # 64
  big compliments
received package in Israel after 3 days

many thanks
Delete entry # 65
Dave Lock
  Interface cable arrived within 24 hours of placing order - many thanks,

Delete entry # 66
  Have now had three units for my FT 817/897 portable setup.........The orders were next day and are well made........Any questions I made were answered within a hour.......Its nice to deal with people who offer a very good service indeed.. I will advise any people I can to use this service and products...All the best........Roger G3YBO
Delete entry # 67
  Very pleasent and helpful person to meet, a well made cable (USB To Serial Cable) and works very well for my radio FT857D.
will be passing on to my friends who require a good data lead.
Many thanks Neil
Delete entry # 68
  DM232[CT-62] Yaesu CAT interface cable what a great product very well made and a great service well done would buy again and again david.
Delete entry # 69
  what can i say from start to finnish first class zlp electronics is first rate from my first e-mail to openning the box and all thous phone calls i made to neil i was treated in a superb fashion by him
keep up the good work neil a top man in a top company..
Delete entry # 70
  ordered a DM232 CT-62-B Yaesu RS232 CAT Interface for my FT-757 GXII. After a few simple mouse-clicks the order was made very easy! And after just 3 days i received the package. With the software i found on the internet the interface is now working 100%!
My compliments for creating a interface that fits in a db-9 connector! Keep up the good work.
Delete entry # 71
  I'm still trying to figure out why something shipped from the UK arrives in my mailbox faster than something shipped from Canada!!!???
Delete entry # 72
  Tim 2e0tjx
Tnx neil that cat lead was great, does the job....
Just put the cat into the radio and Pc and off i went. I also like the super fast response to my e-mails as well, almost the same day....Nice!!!

best regards Tim....
Delete entry # 73
  I ordered a Digimaster Cat Interface with CW. It arrived well within time, delivered to Slough, and ended up in Southern Ireland, I have connected it up, installed the Ham radio deluxe, then configured the program, wow, it worked first time, with the Yaesu FT840, I can now scan and listen as I am supposed to, total control over the rig, I have an FT840, G5RV full size (20m high, MFj 941E and the Yaesu FC10 antenna tuner. It is 100% efficient.
Well done a superb product.
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