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Kenwood TS50 / TS60 and IF232 CAT Interfaces.

When things go as expected there is little motivation to leave feedback
and only one in "hundreds" go on to leave positive feedback.
That is what makes positive feedback so valuable and so appreciated.
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EA5GOR January 16, 2019 - 11:26 AM
Muchas gracias Neil por los dos Interfaze.
Para dos kenwood ts-450, Funcionan perfectamente.
muchas gracias.

Thank you very much Neil for the two Interfaces.
For two kenwood ts-450, they work perfectly.
thank you.
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EA5GOR January 07, 2019 - 08:36 PM
Muchas gracias Neil por el Interfaz.
Para mi kenwood ts-50, Funciona perfectamente.
muchas gracias.

Thank you very much Neil for the Interface.
For my kenwood ts-50, it works perfectly.
thank you.
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N8QMU October 09, 2018 - 07:49 PM
  Installed interface to Kenwood TS-50 and Win 7 computer, went well. Used for over two years. No issues.
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Pete ZL4SA June 14, 2018 - 05:29 AM
  Many thanks Neil for the TS-50 Interface, only 7 days from ordering until delivery down under here. Great Stuff, many thanks.
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Colin G6AVK June 13, 2018 - 04:45 PM
  The new addition to the shack is the Kenwood USB IF232 CAT Interface for use with My TS850, plug and play and far superior to my old flakey RS232/usb unit.

This being the third purchase from Neil because of his great support, fast delivery and very high quality products.

73 Colin
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KD8VSQ Jeremy April 14, 2018 - 07:33 AM
  Thanks for the Cat Cable! It works great on the TS950SDX!!
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4Z9III Jim March 07, 2017 - 07:32 AM
  This is my second order from ZLP, this time it was the DigiMaster Pro+, came with all leads needed and had it up an running in a few Minutes
As usual fast and and excellent service from Neil!
Thank you
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Jim 4Z9III January 16, 2017 - 12:08 PM
  The package was well received, many thanks for an outstanding and very fast service.
Jim J 4Z9III
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KD0OHH Frank Woelfle July 19, 2016 - 07:43 AM
  I would like to thank you for your help.
You have a life long customer. KD0OHH Frank Woelfle 73.
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  Hi Neal , thank you for the incredibly fast delivery of my order . I am very pleased with the quality of my interface and leads . It was very easy to install and set up . I am using WSPR and have already had many spots from around the world . I would have no reservation in recommending it . Many thanks . Regards es 73,s Phil .
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  I struggled getting a home brew interface to work with a TS790e / Windows 10 combination.

Neils unit worked straight from the box. No fiddling or messing.
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IK5UAN Roberto
  TS450S USB CAT interface RECEIVED and all OK.
Regards. Roberto.
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  Many thanks for an excellent Xmas gift from my wife!

Perfect setup on my TS2000.

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ZL1FZ Clive
  DEAR NEIL, just a short note to commend you on the excellence of the IF232 Module I just
installed on my TS850S.
Whatever part you have played, whether MD, Principal, Design Engineer, or all of these, the elegance of the product is evident. As a life-time Professional Telecommunications Design Engineer it meets the requirements of my own Mentor, IE it must not only be technically of a high level but most elegant!
My best regards to you and all at ZLP.
Clive Curtis
ZL1FZ (Licensed 62 years)
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IK2AUK, Giorgio
  Very good
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  I tested the Kenwood dongle interface with Windows 10 and it works well.
73, Ted VE7VIB
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KD8EJD Douglas
  I bought this with an open mind of is it really going to work but to my surprise it has blown my mind on the ease of setup and it interfaced with many different programs HRD, FLDIGI,I;m looking into more programs to see how they work with this cat control i would highly recommend this product to everyn
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ON6SX Axel
  Works fine on my TS-790E and my TS-850S.
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DL8RBL- Alois
  The RS232-CAT interface cable works just perfect on my Kenwood-radios!
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2E0TBT Nick
  Thank you for this added bonus for the TS-50S, instructions 100%. Thanks again 73
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Francis VE2FLP
  I've received my CAT for my TS50S . Very good product. I'm impressed by the quality of your product. I have installed it and it was working in 5 min. on HRD. Very fast shipping.
Francis VE2FLP
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Mike G1ZRN
  After trying a couple of USB <> RS232 CAT cables that are suppose to work with a Kenwood TS850 I got nowhere. I ordered Neil's IF-232 which arrived next day, connected it up to my TS850 & PC let Windows 8 install the Com port driver, switched on the TS850 started Ham Radio Deluxe and instant connection. Now have the TS850 linked with HDSDR, Omni Rig & an RTL Dongle as a Pan-adapter. Excellent VFM, much cheaper than even a used Kenwood IF-232 and with the LED's I can check status of CAT software I'm using which is something the Kenwood IF-232 does not show. Good product and fast delivery, what more can you want ? 73, de Mike G1ZRN.
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Jarret NM0V
  Received the Kenwood interface cable in today’s mail. Works great and looks to be a quality product.
Thanks, Jarret
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  I Received the TS-50 CAT, plug in to my TS-50, with Windows 7 32bits, run the update driver and work perfect.
Thanks for a great job.
73, Costa
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4S7VG Vasanth
  The cat control for the Kenwood ts 50 arrived to day and it is working fine.Thanks for the fast delivery.
Best regards,
Vasanth (4S7VG)
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Aldo VA3AG
  Neil i got the IF232 for my ts850s today! This is incredible service since you sent it out on monday.
73 and thank you de VA3AG
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Peter G4FIV
  Interface for my TS50S arrived next day after I ordered the wrong one initially. Worked first time. Great product Great price. Thanks for your patience Neil.
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Dennis GJ3YHU
  Kenwood USB IF232
Just to tell you that the interface has arrived and works well on both my Mac and PC.
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Steve K9SMC
  Received the unit yesterday, hooked it up to my TS-50, Windows 7 64 and current release of HRD and it worked perfectly! It is just what I wanted, the TS-50 takes too much effort to scan the bands and this makes it a dream.
Thanks for a great product.
Steve K9SMC
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Lanfranco Simoncelli IZ3ZLU
  I received the interface and I must say it is a gem. Thank you.
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Adrian 6Y5AB
Received my interface yesterday. Thank you very much for your prompt service. Interface plugged in and working as advertised.
6Y5AB, Irish Town, Jamaica
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Bob N4TQ
  Received the Kenwood IF232 Digimaster yesterday. Easy installation and it works great, thank you.
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Manos SV9AND
  I got the package with kenood USB if-232 cat lead, try it and works nice.
Thanks a lot

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  Wonderful service from Neil. Item arrived next day and it worked straight of the box and does what it says. my hf rig is a KENWOOD TS959s. I run the pc using the dxlab suite commander and winwarbler and with the mmtty as a back up. All I need now is to make my first rtty contact.if a score was required I would give it a full 10/10
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OD5NJ Gabriel
  Interface for my TS-50 is working great and I love it ... Good Job Neil! For a good prices too. 73' OD5NJ
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  IF 232 kenwood ts850/950sdx . Can only say this is one radio ham who is on the ball this unit is fantastic and many more of group will be purchaseing this item no messing to the point works first time recomend them to any user who is intrested in pc linking many thanks .
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  RS-232 Kenwood.Received the package today and was up and running HRD in less than 2 minutes (Windows 7). GREAT Product!!! Thanks
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  Kenwood RS232 CAT Interface
yay got next day and worked straight off the bat well impressed with delivery and product will be recommending to other's with no hesitation tyvm
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  Brilliant product found and installed its own driver in windows 7 what more is there too say its works str8 out of the box

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  Hi Neil,
All I can is WOW, what a brilliant product the USB IF232 CAT Interface is. Tried using another product from another vendor on Win7, it wouldnt play ball, yours straight out of the box, found its own driver.
I will be recommending you too everybody that asks about the computer control.

Very happy here in Australia and only a 11 day wait from the date I ordered (and its Christmas mail time)

Merry Christmas from down under

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  hi neil,
order arrived safely this morning and worked straight out of the box.
(Kenwood USB IF232).
William ei9jm
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  Fast delivery
USB CAT Cable for TS950 works great
73's Ray
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John G4RCG
  Hi Neil, the interface came on Friday plugged in and set up the radio parameters on Logger 32 and it worked 1st time, thanks for your help and for a great product arriving so fast
John G4RCG
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Heinz HB9BCB
  USB TS50 CAT Interface.
Good morning,

It is a pleasure to confirm the arrival of the TS50 USB CAT Interface. It works excellent, thanks!

Kind regards,
Heinz Baertschi HB9BCB
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Andy SP9NH
  I would like to inform you, that yesterday I received odered interface for my TS-850S .
I was installing and tested that interface using HRD programme. All is OK; the reason for
buying that one is my totally black LCD, and nobody know how to fix them !
Thank you very much for fast shiping my order, hope to be also your customer in the future.
Best Regards
Andy SP9NH
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  Kenwood TS850 CAT interface
Received it this morning and it was real plug and play. Now running my TS850 on WSPR via CAT interface for tx/rx and band change, and using my existing Tigertronics Signalink USB for the audio. Can now change bands from the PC. Only wish I had discovered you site earlier! Jeremy
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Ian 2E1RDX
  Hi Neil
Kenwood TS-50S USB CAT Interface you made for me is working a treat no problems all running great couldn't be happier
many thanks Ian
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Bud N0IA
  Hi, Neil –

The package arrived Monday! (USB IF232).

I plugged it in and after automatic driver install and reboot of Win7 computer came up with com 7 – the next number in my sequence.

I plugged it into the Kenwood TS-850 and it is now working FB with the WL2K RMS Pactor/SGC PTC-II.


bud Thompson N0IA
Deltona, FL
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  Excellent service had a little problem but sorted out works fine would recomend anytime
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  Kenwood CAT Interface replacement for IF-232
Works fine with TS440s and Ham Radio Deluxe Software!
Fast delivery and no problems with payment.

73 de
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  Ordered the IF232 some months ago.
After 2 months the device stopped working.
Directly contacted Neil and he offered a return for repair.

Device was repaired as service.

Thanks a lot !
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  Great interface !!!
Works great with my ts440 kenwood
Works just like the kenwood interface with usb

thanks much
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  Much smaller and performs better than the original IF232. Oustanding value. Fast to ship. Excellent experience all round. A more than happy customer and will be purchasing the MiniPRO DATA interface for my TS850s shortly.
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Jack K6JEB
  Throw your FIF-232 away! The ZLP CAT Interface Doth Rock!!! - de K6JEB

OMs and YLs,
I firstly want to congratulate you for getting my order faster than a few domestic purchases I placed BEFORE I ordered my ZLP CAT Interface.

The Yaesu ZLP CAT Interface I ordered arrived well-packed and not over-packaged. My particular interface was to hopefully replace my Yaesu FIF-232, which I found to be noisy and my particular unit was in its 'last throes' (hi hi). Beside the fact that I try to avoid A/C components in the station, I just never liked the bulk of the FIF-232.

The ZLP interface simply plugs into your radio and into a COM-port (now most of us have to use an USB adapter such as the KeySpan)(I hope to someday order a ZLP USB-to-radio interface). Nothing else was needed to get my radio and Ham Radio Deluxe to talk to each other. It just works!

Thank you so much for a compact and durably-designed cable/interface. The price was great and even the ordering process was clear and easy. Bravo!!! I hope more U.S. distributors not only carry your products in the future, but I hope they catch-on to your incredibly excellent shipping.

My Yaesu FT-840 and FT-857D now also run SO2R within Writelog WITHOUT the FIF-232 creating spikes every few kHz.

Jack Burris, K6JEB
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Geoff VE1GW
  Cable arrived to day. Plugged in the chips (the kenwood extras) I had on hand and connected the cable. Configured the serial port and WahhhhLa away it went, no hassle, no muss, no fuss.
Thank you for an excellent product and the very prompt and efficent
order handling and dispatch.!!
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  I just wanted to pass along my results after hooking up your interface cable to my TS-450S.. IT WORKS GREAT!! i installed another serial comm port card and installed drivers, it took after a couple of trys? and your cable said lets dance!! yeee--ha! oh happy days!! used it already with HRD to quickly move to spots for TX5C and land them!! thanks so much for all your help getting this solved! if only all companies could do same huh?? 73! my friend i'm off to DX land!!! TOM (AA1BQ)
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  cat interface cable for ts850s, cable is made very well & delivery next day, at under £20 for the lead inc the delivery what more could you ask for. thank you zlp for the great advice regarding this.
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  Kenwood Cat Interface

I recently purchased the Kenwood interface for my R5000 and have to recommend the product completely.

The cable itself is very well made, of high quality materials and worked flawlessly from the start.

Delivery was VERY fast, I think 24 hours from initial order.

Many thanks Neil for a first rate product, and excellent customer service
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Tim - W2VVV
  I recently started using Logger 32 and I was getting tired of manually entering my QSO frequency and mode data...everything else is automated, why not that too?

I am not a person to spend a lot of money on something that I can easily make myself and I am a stickler for quality. I wanted a simple serial interface to my Kenwood TS-850S and I came across this interface (the IF-232 replacement cable). The cable came quickly given where it was shipped from and I had Logger 32 communicating with my radio in about 5 minutes.

I used the suggested parameters in the Logger 32 help file and at first it wasn't working. I found with this interface that I had to set RTS high and everything worked from there.

In terms of quality this item is very well made and the circuit is encased in the serial connector...I'm impressed and the price was reasonable. Keep up the good work...Thanks!
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Rick W6RKC
  Buy one of these! NOW!

I purchased the Kenwood interface and found it in my mailbox six days after ordering it! Shipped half way around the world, like it was next door. It took all of 3 minutes to have my TS-440S talking to the computer with Logger32 ( and 2 of those minutes were looking for a DB-25 to DB-9 adapter that I had stored away). In five more minutes I had the TS-440S talking to N1MM logger. I'm very happy with the complete transaction and urge anyone needing to interface their radio to a computer to purchase the product from G4ZLP.

73, Rick, W6RKC
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Ed, N3US
  I just received my CAT interface for use in a TS-850SAT that I recently acquired and restored. I have been a license ham operator continously since 1963. Neil is among a small handful of vendors who supplied me an excellent product, at a fair price, quickly shipped, and with great customer tech support. His Kenwood CAT interface worked perfectly out of the package with my MLOG software. Neil's product is the best example of a plug and play amateur radio product. I will most likely "abandon" my overpriced ICOM CT-17 interface and purchase Neil's ICOM CAT interface. 73 de Ed, N3US, Norman, OK USA
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Brent VE1KF
  I am very pleased with the excellent service provided by your establishment. I purchased the Kenwood CAT Interface online on Sunday April 29th and received it on Thursday May 3rd. Pretty impressive. I installed the interface and it worked perfectly without doing anything but tell Ham Radio Deluxe to connect to the radio. I am very pleased and satisfied and will consider purchasing from your company in the future. Thank you, best 73’s and good DX.

Brent Rudderham, VE1KF
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  Got the cable for the Kenwood R5000, preferred this over other designs as I don't need a separate 12v supply. Works great, packaged well.
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Tim de VK2XTT
  What a great product, works great with my TS-850. A mate saw mine working with HRD and asked me to buy him one too. HRD is fantastic. The cable also works with WISPdde for satellite control from Orbitron.
Bloody Marvelous !
from downunder
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Terry Kenwood CAT Interface
  Hi Neil.
Just to let you know the interface arrived early this morning !! Less than 30 hours after I ordered it !!.

Tried with the TS-450S and works fine with

N4PY control software or any other control software that can be set up for the TS-950.
DXcluster !! Cluster software that will tune the radio to the spot.
RX-Cluster !! As above !!
DXspotter !! As above !!.

To other readers of this feedback - i have had 6 interfaces from Neil over the last 2 yrs or so - i have always found Neils interfaces first class and the customer support is also first class,it is second to non

Cheers and thanks.

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Russell G5XW
  Kenwood CAT RS232. Very quick service ,well packaged,what else to say ,tnx
Delete entry # 66
Tony M3EPD
  I ordered A KENWOOD RS232 CAT CABLE for my KENWOOD TS570, came within 3 days, but due to a misunderstanding on my part.

I took a VIDEO/ MONITOR PORT for being a SERIAL PORT, so ordered USB TO SERIAL PORT RS232 INTERFACE, arrived next day.


Great Produts at A Fair Price, Excellent Service, what more can I say.
Delete entry # 67

Very impressed with the Kenwood CAT interface, also impressed with Ham Radio Deluxe.
Delete entry # 68
Dave - KC4JIR
  Kenwood CAT Interface Cable -- worked great with Ham Deluxe Software on the Kenwood TS-440SAT.

Great price and quick ship.


Delete entry # 69
  Kenwood CAT. I ordered one of these for my TS-450SAT, not knowing what to expect. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised by the ease of setup and how good it works. The quality of the cable and plugs is first rate. Setup is simply plug and play. Shipping from the U.K. to Oregon was extremly fast. Only took 6 days. Worked so good I bought another one for my FT-840. This one also arrived in 6 days and worked right off the bat. Used it with N1MM Logger, MixW, and Ham Radio Deluxe and it works very well with either program.
This is an inexpensive and great way to hook up your radio to a computer. Neil is also very fast to answer any emails or questions. A+ all the way. 73 Tom W7WHY
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