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Mike G1ZRN

After trying a couple of USB <> RS232 CAT cables that are suppose to work with a Kenwood TS850 I got nowhere. I ordered Neil's IF-232 which arrived next day, connected it up to my TS850 & PC let Windows 8 install the Com port driver, switched on the TS850 started Ham Radio Deluxe and instant connection. Now have the TS850 linked with HDSDR, Omni Rig & an RTL Dongle as a Pan-adapter. Excellent VFM, much cheaper than even a used Kenwood IF-232 and with the LED's I can check status of CAT software I'm using which is something the Kenwood IF-232 does not show. Good product and fast delivery, what more can you want ? 73, de Mike G1ZRN.

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