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Jack K6JEB

Throw your FIF-232 away! The ZLP CAT Interface Doth Rock!!! - de K6JEB

OMs and YLs,
I firstly want to congratulate you for getting my order faster than a few domestic purchases I placed BEFORE I ordered my ZLP CAT Interface.

The Yaesu ZLP CAT Interface I ordered arrived well-packed and not over-packaged. My particular interface was to hopefully replace my Yaesu FIF-232, which I found to be noisy and my particular unit was in its 'last throes' (hi hi). Beside the fact that I try to avoid A/C components in the station, I just never liked the bulk of the FIF-232.

The ZLP interface simply plugs into your radio and into a COM-port (now most of us have to use an USB adapter such as the KeySpan)(I hope to someday order a ZLP USB-to-radio interface). Nothing else was needed to get my radio and Ham Radio Deluxe to talk to each other. It just works!

Thank you so much for a compact and durably-designed cable/interface. The price was great and even the ordering process was clear and easy. Bravo!!! I hope more U.S. distributors not only carry your products in the future, but I hope they catch-on to your incredibly excellent shipping.

My Yaesu FT-840 and FT-857D now also run SO2R within Writelog WITHOUT the FIF-232 creating spikes every few kHz.

Jack Burris, K6JEB

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