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Tim - W2VVV

I recently started using Logger 32 and I was getting tired of manually entering my QSO frequency and mode data...everything else is automated, why not that too?

I am not a person to spend a lot of money on something that I can easily make myself and I am a stickler for quality. I wanted a simple serial interface to my Kenwood TS-850S and I came across this interface (the IF-232 replacement cable). The cable came quickly given where it was shipped from and I had Logger 32 communicating with my radio in about 5 minutes.

I used the suggested parameters in the Logger 32 help file and at first it wasn't working. I found with this interface that I had to set RTS high and everything worked from there.

In terms of quality this item is very well made and the circuit is encased in the serial connector...I'm impressed and the price was reasonable. Keep up the good work...Thanks!

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