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CT17 CAT dongle / Single Universal TTL interface

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  I purchased an ICOM CI-V CT17 CABLE and am amazed at the quality of the cable and components. It was installed between my IC-718 and the computer within minutes of reception and functions as it should. I'd had a Rig Talk unit before this cable and have sent the Rig Talk back for service two times.
How G4ZLP can sell this quality product at this low price is astounding. I have bookmarked his site and will surely buy from him again.
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  A very fair price which included shipping from the UK.
When you compare it to the one from ICOM that sells for about $139.00 it is a winner, hands down. Same functionality, good quality components, SMT pc board. How he can sell these and make a profit is amazing
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  Plugged the serial cable into the back of my Latitude D600, other end into the 718, Fired up HRD and works great. Great price and very reasonable shipping costs from across the pond.
Don't be fooled by cheaper products that want to bend you over on the shipping!
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  Excellent, cannot be better, Great value for money. Neil answers the mail at lightening speed. Ordered it and later realised that my Dell inspiron did not have a RS232,Neil helped with advice on the USB converter. Arrived fast to India, hooked it up to the IC 718-HRD and there it goes..
Get one and you will never regret.
Thanks Neil, for a great product and hats off to your super fast service.
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  CW/RigCtrl Works fine with Vista.
Ordered CAT/CW keying cable Sunday on ebay, it was in my mailbox on Friday. Connected it to 746PRO rig ctrl and key ports and to serial/USB adapter (Rosewill RCW601 purchased from Newegg for $10). Plugged adapter into Dell PC and let Vista look for and install driver. Turned rig on and set ports and pins (DTR cw keying, all other pins hi) in Hamscope program. CW and rig control immediately worked fine, no problems with this product. 73, Ed, K5ED
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  I bought one from a seller on eBay last week. (not quite 100% - a little noisey) I thought I was buying the one that everyone recommends but I wasn't. Luckily the seller gave me my money back.
Ordered this one via Neils website and saved a little. Ordered on Wednesday morning and it arrived next day. Plugged in to my 7400. Ran HRD and it worked straight away.... Functions better than the version I purchased by mistake. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY...
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  I have four of the ZLP interfaces for 3 different Brand radios, Kenwood TS-480HX, Yaesu FT-897D, FT-1000D and a Icom IC-746. All of them work perfect the first time. These interfaces work the first time IF you have your part of the hook up done correctly. I highly recommend them! 73's
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  You will be sorry if you you pay more than the cost of this fantastic product! I ordered it via eBay, received it in a timely manner, plugged it into my IC7000, loaded HRD, and it just worked great! Even worked with two different types of usb-rs232 adapters without a hitch. Tried it with HRD running in a WINXP VM under Parallels on a Mac via a USB-232 adapter without any problems. Don't even think about it - just order it!

Thanks, Neil for a great product!!
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  I ordered the ICOM CAT CI-V for the MIXW and DXMONITOR computer software to control my IC 706MKIIG. I use with a adpter USB to Serial port and work very well
Very thanks
PS7DX-Ed and PS7YL Monica
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Dean - UK - Icom R20
  High quality, professionally constructed cable. Next day delivery. Recommended. Thanks!
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  Icom CI-V interface product was recommended by HRD, had great reviews - so I purchased and have been happy ever since. Great high quality product, good price, and Neil keeps you informed all the way. Highly recommended!
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Tim - VK2XTT
  This is my first Icom cable but my 4th from ZLP. and just like the ones I bought for my Kenwood's they "Just Work" !
Using this one with my shiny new IC-910H and HRD for satellite tracking. Also works with WispDDE and Orbitron.
Great product - keep up the good work.
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  Great product. Works a treat with Ham Radio Delux and my Icom 718. Recommended.
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Franco - iz2han
  Very well made interface for rig control of Icom IC-7400 that works fine on my Ham Radio Deluxe programme.
Very fast delivery and good price. Recommended product & seller.
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  what a nice online store :)
many good informations; nice service; nice products... what can you want more?

many thanks for the 100% working product and going on with this service!
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  Excellent physical product, email support prompt. I bought the CAT C-IV interface in error so I had change the 3.5mm plug - now with a stereo / mono adapter I can program my icr3, ict90a and with the adapter cat contol my ic 820 and ic 736.
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  I purchased the Yaesu and Ten-Tec interface cables and both work flawlessly. Connectors are good quality and construction is first-rate. Would recommend highly as an alternative to the OEM versions which cost much more or in the case of the Ten Tec CI-V interface, is not available anymore from Ten Tec.
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  I have had one of Neil's CIV for over a year now, and I cannot recommended the product and Neil to you enough. The interface was originally bought for use with an IC-718 and now is used with MY IC-7400.

Neil's Customer service when I purchased the unit was second to none. He even repaired it when I mangled it foc. The interface has been fault less and works with every Han program I've thrown at it.

Buy one you will not regret it
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  Great interface i use it for rig control of Icom IC-718 works fine on my Ham Radio Deluxe prog..Very well made fast delv..service the price is just a give away.Recommended product.
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  Great product and a reasonable price. Ordered it and it was here very fast to the state of Washington. I had an extra long run to make from my computer to near the top of my rack. Had to put and extension from the computer to the interface cable and was worried about getting RFI. No problems at all with it. It works as advertised. I run Ham Radio Deluxe and Logger32 with it. In both cases the programs fired right up and ran perfectly. I would highly recommend this interface especial at the price. See my web page at www.w3oz.com . Go to the shack photos and look at the rack just to see how long the run was with no problems even with the AL-1500 running legal limit.
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  bought - plugged in , worked great & don't even know it's there. That's how a Cat interface should be in my opinion. Got to me lightning fast, was cheap & did the job. What more could you ask for????
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  Bought one some time ago (6 months or more), plugged it into my IC-736 and it's been working faultlessly since then.
I have no hesitation in recommending these interfaces to anyone.
(it's also a hell of a lot cheaper than a Icom interface)
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  I found G4ZLP whilst looking for a cheaper alternative for my IC706 CAT lead . It arrived very shortly afterwards with HRD software , which is brilliant , and made working the radio so simple . I was so impressed that when the 706 was replaced I went looking for ZLP for another lead for my new 897 . 1st class service thank you G4ZLP .
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G4001SWL Sean
  Having used a couple of homebrew CI-V controllers, I was looking for something a bit more 'professional' that didn't radiate birdies or too much heat. I have found such a device in the G4ZLP interface. It works with my IC756 at all speeds including 19k2 and has none of the problems associated with my Maxx232 interface or the 2 transistor one I using before that. It's small (is fitted inside a 9 pin serial port plug) and doesn't require an external supply. Why spend £80 or so on an Icom CI-V unit when this one does the job admirably, for a fraction of the price! I will be recommending these interfaces to my friends, that is for sure. Sean, G4UCJ/G4001SWL.
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  A good quality item that works very well with my Icom IC-718. I would recommend it to anyone !
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2E1RDX Ian
  Excellent product fast shipping fast reply to emails outstanding price could not ask for more thanks Neil

Ian 2E1RDX
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KB8YGC Dennis
  I ordered the ICOM CAT CI-V for the Ham Radio Deluxe computer software to control my first generation ICOM 706. Out of the box, the interface cable performed flawlessly. The RS-232 housing was superior to those other housings I have purchased from those ahem other companies. The email support I had from Neil was fantastic and very prompt (within 2 minutes time lapse).

For all those digital hams looking for a true quality interface cable to control your rig via computer look no further!

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  I ordered a CAT interface for my FT-817 Wednesday, and received it the following Monday! Not bad considering from the UK to the US! The interface is made well. I hooked it up and had it running with Ham Radio Deluxe and FT Commander. The cost of the CAT interface (CT62)with shipping was around $24. It is by far the cheapest I have found. I have purchased CAT interfaces as well as digital interfaces from him before. I would recommend ZLP interfaces to anybody!
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Dave G0IXZ
  Icom CIV interface cable.Arrived very fast super product, worked 1st time. Thanks ZLP

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IZINX Filippo
  I bought three interface cables: for ICOM IC-R10, Kenwood TS-440S and Yaesu FT-897D/I. All are arrived in few days, are very well manufactured and, of course, work very well.
Thanks Neil, I'm very satisfied!

73, IZINX Filippo
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  big compliments
received package in Israel after 3 days

many thanks
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m5hfj john
  CT17 for my Icom746.
Their response was great. All done and dusted within 24hrs
Works very well with ham radio deluxe
Thanks John
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Dave Lock
  Interface cable arrived within 24 hours of placing order - many thanks,

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  CI-V CAT FOR ICOM 706 and others, nice product,great service..... and perfect job with writelog contest software...

merci 73 PAUL
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Steve - M0SMO
  Icom CI-V / CAT Interface.
Cheers, cable worked far better than a recent chinese purchase! Quick delivery
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  what can i say from start to finnish first class zlp electronics is first rate from my first e-mail to openning the box and all thous phone calls i made to neil i was treated in a superb fashion by him
keep up the good work neil a top man in a top company..
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Dennis KB8YGC
  I ordered the ICOM CAT CI-V for the Ham Radio Deluxe computer software to control my first generation ICOM 706. Out of the box, the interface cable performed flawlessly. The RS-232 housing was superior to those other housings I have purchased from those ahem other companies. The email support I had from Neil was fantastic and very prompt (within 2 minutes time lapse).
For all those digital hams looking for a true quality interface cable to control your rig via computer look no further!
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  I'm still trying to figure out why something shipped from the UK arrives in my mailbox faster than something shipped from Canada!!!???
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  Excellent piece of kit! Keep up the good work.
Steve G8XGG.
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  I purchased the Standard DigiMaster Icom CIV-CAT interface and received it in Canada in less than a week! Plugged it in, set up HRD software -- working in less than 5 minutes. Thank you Neil!
Gibsons, BC, Canada - Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 01:36:03 (BST)
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