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CT17 CAT dongle / Single Universal TTL interface

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  Works very well.
Plug and play without issues on managed Win 10 PC.
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  Got this for my IC7100, plug and play, no problems.
The service is outstanding, where other sites quote up to 5 days shipping, this arrived in 2,
Can't get much better than that.
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  I have been using the CW Interface for around 4 to 5 years on both the TS590 and now the IC7610. This device is small but punches well above its size. In addition, I recently had an issue, a quick mail to Neil resolved the issue in a very short time. This company's response is impressive and I would recommend them.
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  Received Icom interface this morning. Connected Icon 7400 to Computer running Windoe=ws 10 and Ham Radio De Luxe with no problems, Tank you very much.
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G6NID October 27, 2018 - 08:00 PM
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WB3LHD-Ron May 23, 2018 - 01:10 PM
  Had CI-V problems between my Icom IC-756 ProII and Ham Radio Deluxe using my original USB serial cable. HRD suggested using the FTDI chip set cable and that fixed all the issues! Thanks for a great product.
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Marceille Winters March 10, 2018 - 02:13 PM
  Hi folks.
I am typing this feedback for my dad
I ordered a data cable only yesterday, 7.30 this morning it arrived connected up and away it went no problems at all.

Neil is a great person to deal with and a true gentleman, would recommend Neil anytime ,score 20 out of 10, thank you Neil
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KØMAN June 23, 2017 - 03:45 PM
  Neil I got my Dongle for my IC7700 in the mail yesterday. Got it plugged in and my computer found drivers for it right away. Started up my Ham Radio Deluxe, which was set up for the Old Kenwood TS-590, and did a few changes on the Menu. It found the interface and Bam! I was on the air. It found the rotor interface and all of the other programs I was using with the old radio. Very Satisfied with your product. Thank you very much. As I own an Internet Marketing Company, I was impressed by your web page and how easy it was to find you. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Jim Sedoris KØMAN
Minnesota USA
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Ken Barnett G0HOF January 28, 2017 - 11:04 PM
  Ordered A CAT iterface for my ICOM 7300, Neil's sevice and customer care is second to none.
Thank you Neil, the interface is fantasic,just what I needed.
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SP6TGC Krzysztof January 21, 2017 - 08:14 AM
  Everything works great :)
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HB9RYZ November 23, 2016 - 01:03 PM
  I ordered the DigiMaster 3 Pro to connect my Windows 10 PC to my ICOM IC-7700 to control my transceiver with Ham Radio Deluxe 6.x.
It works just excellent. Good Job Neil - Thank you, 73' Wolfgang www.hb9ryz.ch
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N8TCP October 24, 2016 - 05:57 PM
  Plugged in CT17 interface. Drivers loaded and worked like a champ. Great product and fast shipping. Thank you.
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W2RG Rich August 07, 2016 - 01:18 AM
  I ordered the CT-17 serial port model and I'm using the interface with fldigi and WSJT-X under Debian Linux. I love it - works slick!
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VK7WLH Larry July 28, 2016 - 09:36 AM
  Nice product. I received it today and already using it to run HRD on my 718.
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I4JEE Mauro
  cat cable (USB) for ICOM - with FTDI chips
Excellent quality and good the shipping system from UK - to Italy
Fully satisfied with everything
Delete entry # 15
MI6IDJ Keiran
  Icom CT17 dongle working perfect thanks again neil 73
Delete entry # 16
John Sauer KC3JCS
  Simply the best CT17 I have ever purchased!
Perfect. Thank you ZLP!
Delete entry # 17
  Bought the Icom CT17 CAT Interface after trying a generic Prolific and no end of problems and pc crashes.

This worked first time with no issues on an Icom 706mkiig with HRD, Fldigi and Logger 32.

Delete entry # 18
  Works fine with my Icom IC-746 in Windows 10. nice one

Adrian de 2e0sdr
Delete entry # 19
oz6li Finn
  I have just received my parcel, containing an Icom CT17 CAT cable, and it is working just nicely with my Icom 746.
Delete entry # 20
  Very speedy delivery. Super quality interface. Thank you. [CT17 Dongle]
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G1EWS Nigel
  Got the Bluetooth interface for the IC706mk2g.
Up and running in minutes and has been connected all weekend. Another happy customer.
Delete entry # 22
  Norm here in Guysborough NS Canada.
Just received the DigiMaster Universal TTL CAT Interface which I purchased recently.
Usually when installing new computer hardware I have come to expect a slew of errors, conflicts,and gremlins!
Your CI-V device ran perfectly - just plug and play. A pleasure to use. I'm very pleased to have purchased it. Thanks for a great product.
Delete entry # 23
  i have used a zlp box for many years now with no problem i find it a lot better than most on the market
Delete entry # 24
  Great interface, using with Icom IC-746pro and DX lab Suite,
The service provided by Neil is exceptional I would not hesitate in recommending this product to anyone.
if you want a great product with exceptional service well you cannot go past Neil and the ZLP interface, thanks Neil
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SV1GRN / Panagiotis
  The interface worked ok just after hooking it up. My t/x is ProIII and the laptop runs Win 7 32 prof. The drivers updated automatically as per instructions. Well done Neil keep up the good work.
If I have to buy a cw interface or else in the future shure I'll buy from G4ZLP.
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  I've tried cheap interfaces from ebay in the past and been left disappointed. This is a great product which does exactly what it says!

Up and running quickly, no IT degree required! Just be sure to read the install guide if you're not clued up on installing drivers and you'll be fine.
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Louis Rocque VE2LXR
  I bought a Icom USB CT17 CAT even thoug my Icom IC-7410 has a built in USB CAT, because the maximum lenght of USB cable that will work with the built in USB CAT is only 6 ft. With USB CT17 CAT Interface I am using a 12 foot USB cable and it works just fine.
It took me quite a while to figure out how to install the drivers. The FTDI driver Installation guide is way to complicated for me (to many "IF's"). I installed them by trial and error and by lots of luck.
Delete entry # 28
  Bought a ct17 cable and it works great once I read the instructions.
Delete entry # 29
  I just purchased the ZLP CAT Interface of alternate rig located on the other side of our house. I have HRD/SignaLink USB running on my Yeasu FT-897D. I loaded HRD on the PC next to my old IC-737. Somewhere I have the Icom CI-V interface - but I can't find it! When I saw the G5ZLP interface with a very reasonable price I bought it. It arrived from the UK to USA in 10 days during the Christmas peak mailing season! Installation was a piece of cake and performance is great. The instructions were clear and concise. I just ordered another ZLP CAT Interface for my TS-50S which is my "Go-radio" for travel and portable operations.
Delete entry # 30
  Pleasantly surprised. Installed under Windows 7. Windows recognized and loaded drivers, and everything started working with zero effort on my part. Great product.
Delete entry # 31
  I have used DATA modes for over 30 years so thought I would try HRD and The DATA add on program. Tried the "Chinese Ebay special" USB to serial converters, they never worked or gave patchy results. Purchased the TTL interface and a couple of extra radio patch leads. The gear arrived in wild Wales in two days. Updated the drivers using ZLP`s link and plugged in. LED lights up and the PC screen is displaying Icom Pro3 display in all its glory. Works brilliantly,mouse scrolling control and filters adjusted with a mouse click. superb build quality in both interface and patch leads. My thanks for good service with a great product. H.R.D and ZLP go together better then "Ham & Eggs" hi. 73 Glyn GW0ANA
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Stewart GM4AAF
Received, installed, and working. Thanks! Great service.
Delete entry # 33
Ron n5wx
  Just received the shipment and installed using XP and HRD. Works great, thanks. 73, Ron n5wx
Delete entry # 34
Dave, G8CVZ
  Very pleased with the DigiMaster CAT interface. It works a treat with PCSAT32 and DXLabs and my ICOM. And extremely rapid delivery. Well done to G4ZLP.
Delete entry # 35
John macniven
  Icom interface c17 absolutely brilliant bit of kit after weeks of hassle so easy to set A+++++++
Delete entry # 36
  Icom CAT interface.
my interface was recievied within two days of my order, it was well packaged and contained everything as required. I did have problems with the unit freezing in use. investigation showed that it froze on transmit. e-mails to Neil were replied to quickly. Anyway ours is a technical hobby and ferrite cores fitted to the leads cured the problem. So Neil its been in use with my mobile station with no problems what so ever thanks to the ferrites. I just love having HRD running and logging whilst i operate. Thanks
Delete entry # 37
Vasile, yo7awz
  Vy nice this DigiMaster. I learn to work whit HRD now HI!
Delete entry # 38
  Its so easy..I am not one for buying from the net but I gave in...Ordered evening, rx email came a.m. despatch email p.m. packet came next day. Having read site and bought the correct thing, plugged in downloaded driver turned on and NEVER looked back.. My logging was rubbish with bits of paper everywhere now most of it is done for me, and then I can look up qrz check dx spots ect,ect..I have had no computor interferance as I feared. should have done this years ago, its great.
Thanks to Mr Brown (who should be Knighted). Niel. Simply put this is the best 15quid I have ever spent in radio. Thankyou GOSUM
Delete entry # 39
  Received my Icom CAT / USB converter quicker than I expected from across the pond. Setup was quick and straight forward. Has been working well in my shack for over a year with no problems.

Thanks Neil.


Delete entry # 40
Brian Cartwright 2E1GOP
  I ordered the DigiMaster interface on Monday And received it on Tuesday well packaged. I was using HRD in less than 5 min's and no blue screen of death!!
Delete entry # 41
I inform you that I received my Cat CT 17 and thank you for the reliability and speed of delivery.
thank you
Delete entry # 42
  My Pro Three Data Interface arrived very quickly and was on the air with 40 minutes, very pleased , good quality and superb instructions. This is my second purchase off this company and had no hesitation in using them again when I wanted to upgrade.
73 Chris
Delete entry # 43
Piet M0PHV
  Digimaster Pro Plus was delivered yesterday in a snow storm (dedication of the royal mail!!!) Connected to my IC 9100, had a bit of trouble following the instructions but muddled through and this afternoon managed to recieve PSK 31. Next challenge will be to try CW although this is a nioce to have at this stage. Good prompt response from Neil, much appreciated.

73s Piet M0PHV
Delete entry # 44
  I have just received my CT17 interface and cable for an IC-746Pro. I plugged in the usb and connected the radio. Ham Radio Deluxe connected within 30 seconds. I am rapt. After years of wasting time trying to find drivers for cheap chinese versions I wish I had bought this unit ages ago. Thanks Neil.
Delete entry # 45
Thomas, OH6NT
  USB universal CAT dongles + cables arrived safely today. Tnx Neil, nnow on to installation.
Delete entry # 46
Sandro IW3RCK
  Hello Neil,
I confirm the receipt of the DigiMaster USB Twin CT17 CAT Interface, very speedy delivery.
It's working perfectly 100% and no problem drivers with Win7..
Thank you very much
Sandro IW3RCK
Delete entry # 47
  I also purchased the Icom twin USB CT17 CAT Interface to control both of my Icom rigs with Ham Radio Deluxe. Running Windows 7 on a laptop and didn't have to do anything except plug it in and let the drivers auto-install then plug the other end into the remote connector on the radio and start HRD.. almost too easy... haha
Delete entry # 48
  I purchased the Icom twin USB CT17 CAT Interface to control both of my Icom rigs with Ham Radio Deluxe and couldn't be happier. Neil responded immediately with a question that I had and is very professional. I noticed that ZLP Electronics didn't have any reviews on eham.com so I fixed that! Thank's for a fabulous product, ZLP Electronics.
Delete entry # 49
Mike M0GSK
Your new interface for the IC-756 showed up this morning. It works a treat straight out of the box.
Please put me to the top of your fan club list.
Kind regards,
Delete entry # 50
  CT17 cable assy > ICOM728 radio
I have received my cable and question where to plug it into my radio. No where does anything in print say where to plug it in. I am assuming it's the aux.speaker jack, but don't want to do that....unless I read it.
The last adapter I used, did plug into the aux. speaker jack.
Thanks lost in Digi land.
Delete entry # 51
Lau OV2B
  Hello Neil.
The Twin CT17 that you recommended, has arrived and works just fine !
Also the dongles and cables is super - so no more problems with me (until next time I need some of your products :-) ) Thanks for your advice and for your help - I'm so pleased with the result.

Regards Lau
Delete entry # 52
2E0Jax John
  Thank for your help Neil got there in the end.next time I will read the instrunctions and i might get it right next. A very quick and frendly service, I will Highly reccomend ZLP Electrnics to all friends.
Cheers John
Delete entry # 53
  Ordered one to try on my old IC735 and HRD came quickly through post - downloaded driver from site - set up easy as 123 and now up and running.

PERFECT many thanks
Delete entry # 54
Alan M0TEC
  DigiMaster USB Twin CT17 CAT Interface

After months of having no success with various other cat interface leads I decided to take a chance and order the twin interface to run with my Icom IC-737, and Icom IC-703.

I ordered online in the early hours of Thursday morning, and received the product before midday on Friday.

Excellent, quality made product, speedy delivery.

Will certainly deal again.

Delete entry # 55
Nigel 2E0
  My radio doesn’t support TX via the CAT system, so I purchased (from another site) one of those CAT interfaces with the extra built in "non-CAT" - PTT option (paid a lot extra for it too). Not thinking things through, I thought it was a good idea at the time but I was soon to be dissapointed. It works, but it's the same as pressing the key on my microphone. I found it pointless to press TX in software then turn around to pick up the microphone, have an over then turn around and switch the software back to RX..... I was advised that it will be useful when I use DATA modes, so I got a new DATA interface and I now realise that any DATA interface worth its salt (inc mine) will generate it's own PTT... So, I now find after paying out considerably more for this PTT option that it is was a waste of money.... AND, not only that, the DATA interface plugs into the Acc socket (as it should), so now I have nowhere to plug this dam PTT mod anyhow..... Not everything that glistens is gold, obviously the extra PTT is just a sales gimmick that has no real use.... I will get me a no gimmicks, "standard" CAT interface next time, and I will buy it here, from someone who doesn't offer useless gimmicks to entice my wallet.
Delete entry # 56
  Well, Neil makes this company what it is. I have never wrote a review before, But I have never received more help from any company. From the start when I wrote asking what I needed until now. Seems like he honestly whats to help. Can't say enough good things about how well he takes care of his costumers. Recommend him and his products highly. and fast shipping and returns e-mails same day Thanks so much Neil
Delete entry # 57
  I purchased a Y-4.+ USB CT62-M CAT Interface.
Today, set up .successfully connected with the FT-857 Working time at 30 sec. Thank you very great product. 73
Delete entry # 58
Joe N5CJ
  Greetings Neil,
I received my order of a USB CAT Dongle yesterday, 1/23/12. I successfully installed it yesterday evening without any problems. You build and market a fine product!!
Shipping was exceptionally timely and the product excels at what you claim it can do.
Many Thanks.
Joe Sak - N5CJ
Anahuac, Texas - USA
Delete entry # 59
Louis ON5EN
  First the CT17 CAT dongle and now an Icom cable for the Minipro arrived here really fast.
The dongle connects my Icom and my iMac running RumLog or RumPed. All up & running within minutes without any hiccup... What a joy to chase DX now !
Big tnx to Guido ON4BAG for the final push hi !
Delete entry # 60

USB CT17 CAT Dongle Interface, I have not been able to get this to work with windows 7 Yaesu FT-897, I think that it is something I am doing wrong?

YES, I suspect you may be having problems because the CT17 is for ICOM and NOT for YAESU......
Delete entry # 61
Gert - ZS6GC
I did battle with all types of interfaces specific with my 64 bit Windows machine. Some times it work sometimes not. It did not work with all the programs.
I bought this USB devive from ZLP Electronics, plug it in, and it work with all my programs( logger32, MixW2, Orbitron) without any hazzle.
This type of device is all I want to use in future, it easy to use,it it work.
The service I got and the delivry was excelent. Thanks Neil.
Kind Regards
Gert (ZS6GC)
Delete entry # 62
Marcel - PH0MB
  I ordered a CAT USB CT-62 for my Yaesu 857D and an extra CT-17 cable for Icom
I converted the CT-17 into a OPC-471 by changing the mono 3.5mm into a stereo type with the data line soldered on the center ring.
I had some trouble with the 8 pin DIN being a tad to thik do fit in deep enough, but I cut a 3mm ring from the plastic sleeve to solve that. I had the same trouble before with the same type of plug.

HRD, FTBasicMMO and CS-T90A runned OK out of the box on COM3 on WIN7 X86 (32bits) with the USB plug.
Delete entry # 63
  The third thing purchased through the ZLP. --- Goods coming super fast
Delete entry # 64
Guido ON4BAG

just received my USB dongle
Plugged in on my MAC Mini and it works PERFECT (after FDTI driver install)

Keep up the good work !

guido ON4BAG
Delete entry # 65
Mick, VK2BH
  Win 7 pro 64 bit, straight in and windows found the driver no problem.
Delete entry # 66
W1TCF Mike
  I read the product description, (USB CT17 CAT Dongle Interface), I was nervous. I ordered the cable, I was nervous. I sat and waited, I was nervous. I received the cable, I was nervous. I hooked it up, I was nervous. I turned it on, it didn't work, I was really nervous. Changed Com 3 to com 5, The sun came out, the birds were singing, there was peace through-out the land. It worked like a charm. Wasted all that nervousness.
Delete entry # 67
  Received my Dual CT-17 today (10/6/11) Uninstalled the driver for the generic cable that I have had so much trouble with (blue screens) Hooked up your CT-17 and over the course of the day, never had a bit of trouble. I am using Ham Radio Deluxe without problems. Great product, wish I had gone this direction at the outset.
Delete entry # 68
  Hi. Got the USB CT17 today Tuesday nz time. Tried the cable works greate. Greate job
Delete entry # 69
Arnaldo PY4BL
  Hello Neil,
I confirm the receipt of the USB CAT Dongle interface cable, UK to Brazil just 8 days after ordering.
It's working perfectly, 100%, thank you.
73 – Arnaldo – PY4BL
Delete entry # 70
  Thanks, having tried a lead from Hong Kong with HRD and getting a blue screen of death as well as clicking whe turning the tunning dail on IC-7000 with WIndows 7. Can not be more pleased.
Delete entry # 71
  After two tries with another vendor on Ebay selling a CI-V Icom interface (they kept insisting it was a cable issue rather than the Prolific Drivers and my Vista), I ordered your CT17 CAT Dongel and wanted to tell your readers that it worked immediately and NO more BSOD which plagued me with the other vendor.

Thanks for making a great product.
Delete entry # 72
Jean-Luc ON6CJ
  Dear Sir,

Just a quick note to let you know I just received this morning my order without problem.
I thank you very much for your very fast shipping.
Kind regards,

Jean-Luc - ON6CJ
Delete entry # 73
  Easy set up, works brilliantly with HRD. Worth every penny.
Delete entry # 74
Julie G7IYB

Wow...what good buy! Thanks!
Delete entry # 75
  Received a USB ct17,Windows 7-64 found and installed the driver and away we go,no hassle just works as advertised.
Thanks ZLP for another great product.
73, Ron
Delete entry # 76
  Purchased a CAT for my IC-718 to be used with VKCL program, it works real good so I ordered a spare one while at special price. Hope to find more uses for it with different programs.
Thanks from John Weston
Delete entry # 77
  Searching for cable e CT-17 USB usable between IC 706MKIIG AND Notebook HP dv2120.Can yours help me??
Delete entry # 78
K5EN Ken
  Thought I'd try one of these when my original Icom CT17 failed. And, it does EXACTLY the same job as Icoms CT17 at a fraction of the price!
I have no reservation in giving this my highest recommendation!
Delete entry # 79
Terry G0TMX
  CW Keyer and Icom CI-V Interface leads..

I've had several products from G4ZLP, but of particular note are the CIV interface lead and the CW keyer.. the latter being one of the best additions to my shack. Both items work perfectly and were dispatched very quickly. I am now wondering why I spent a fortune on an external soundcard interface for data and CW modes when these items do the job at a fraction of the cost.. and 'hair pulling' frustration with set up!! A big thankyou to ZLP - buy from with confidence... 73 de Terry, G0TMX.
Delete entry # 80
I ordered a CT17 for my IC 7000, I had it working perfectly on both my desktop and laptop within minutes. A big bouquet to G4ZLP!!
Delete entry # 81
Andi G7IBY
  USB CT17

Just to let you know, i recieved my cat interface yesterday and i am very pleased with it as am i with your rapid service, Thank you, i will have no hesitation in either recomending your company and products to my friends.
Delete entry # 82
  Thanks for the cable. Faster than I thought. 5 stars to you and your company.

Thanks, Larry Sheriff
Delete entry # 83
  Far and away the best CAT interface out there in my opinion. I've owner two others I won't name, one just plain never worked, the other works but freezes once in while. The ZLP has always been rock solid, and by the way it cost a fraction of the other two interfaces! Simple, quality construction, delivers on it's promises. What more could you ask for?
Delete entry # 84
KD5CG Charles
  Hi, I just want to let you know I received my order yesterday, and had my Icom 718 hooked up and running with Ham Radio Deluxe in under 5 minutes. Thanks for a great product.
Delete entry # 85
VA3OU - Hart
  I received my: - Icom CI-V / CT17 / CAT Interface. [ CT-17 level converter ] STANDARD CI-V Interface for ANY and ALL CI-V Icoms - It arrived safe and sound and very promptly. I attached it to my computer and radio and started Ham Radio Deluxe. I turned on my radio and it connected to the software without any problem.
Now it is time for me to learn the features of the software. Thank you for an excellent product at a very competitive price. Thank you for delivering it to me quickly.
Hart Bayne
Delete entry # 86
  When it goes wrong it ends up right !

Just wanted to thank you for a superb service. A short while ago I ordered a cable for my 7400 and the following day received the product but it was the wrong length.
I sent an email off expecting a long wait for the correct length cable but to my surprise I received the replacement the next post. There was no request to return the original so I could have been unkind and have kept the first cable.

What a superb service and I would not hesitate to recommend G4ZLP to other radio amateurs.
Of course I did return the original cable.
Best wishes
Les Finch GW8PSJ
Delete entry # 87
  The Icom CVI Interface ordered on 8th May 2008 arrived here in Australia today 13th May, 4 working days. The interface works excellently with HRD software.
Thanks for the prompt, efficient service.
Delete entry # 88
Andy - K4RKQ
  FB! CI-V CAT interface cable for my ICOM arrived in only five business days! I use MixW and I had the CAT all up and running in about 5 minutes. I'm ordering a USB-Serial interface for my Kenwood 2000 now so I can use CAT with my laptop. I am amazed at this company's speed and quality. Like I said, FB!
Delete entry # 89
  IC - 7400 interface lead......

I cannot beleive these guys, this is my second lead and again they have absolutley astounded me with their delivery times.

Ordered: Monday at Midday.
Arrived: Tuesday Morning.

I only wish that whoever controls their order intake could be split and placed into some of the other lacklustre companies out there to provide this level of performance.
The customer is king, and these guys know that and prove it every time.

1st class service
1st class pricing


Delete entry # 90
Richard S.W.L
  Icom CAT / CI-V Interface.
Icom R20
HRD with Vista or XP
Excellent Interface all the above work 100%
Thank you Neil.
Delete entry # 91
John Moody-W4JCM
  The Icom interface was ordered on Friday late night and it was at my door on Tuesday when I came home from work!! It is a wonderful piece of work put into a small package, out performs my original ICOM CT-17 converter considering the price I paid for the CT-17. The Sales Staff kept in contact as if they were right around the corner from me. I recommend them for surefire interfaces to make your shack look organized, they shipped in a very small package all the requirements of my radio to connect properly and easily. I will be back for more I am sure. Thanks, and Happy hunting. Oh, HRD/DM780 now connects to my equipment on the first try!!
Delete entry # 92
  CI-V /CAT (Icom) Interface Cable and USB/ Serial Interface.
Arrived within TWO days. Drivers loaded and all works well within the HRD environment. Great Value.
Thanks Nich for all your help.
Delete entry # 93
John - G7SSE
  Icom CI-V CAT Interface. Ordered 20/12/07, arrived 22/12/07! Very quick service especialy at this time of year. This is the fourth product I've ordered and like all the others, works as advertised and at a very good price.
Delete entry # 94
Andy W1NDY
  Item came this AM, plugged it in, set the DTR, RTS and baud rate, it worked immediately and flawlessly. I had purchased and returned the (expensive)Icom CI-V interface, plus struggled mightily with the (expensive) Rigblaster Plus, and am selling that item shortly on Ebay. Your cable is the "cat's meow", incredibly simple, functioned right out of the bag. Note that it also worked immediately on Commander. Many thanks for a quality, reasonably priced product.
Delete entry # 95
  Brilliant as normal very fast delivery excellent goods excellent comms you wont get better the customer service is second to none regards rich G4IBW
Delete entry # 96
  I ordered on monday a CI-V interface cable and already on thursday I received it in Belgium.

Thanks for the super-de-luxe-hyper-fast service!!!!!!!

73's de Dirk ON3DA
Delete entry # 97
  I had built several in the past and ordered one from another source. Neil's is the BEST in quality and service. His shipping and price is exceptional. You will not be disapointed.
Delete entry # 98
  I made the mistake of buying a USB interface from another e-bay vendor that was supposed to come with software.The item was from china.When it arrived their was no software and i was told from the vendor that their was a site to download it from.I could never get it to work and finally gave up on it.Neils interface WORKS GREAT. Right out of the box.No software needed. Just plug into the serial port and into the rig and play.I could not have been happier with it or more pleased.It was also about 1/3 the price of the one i bought that did not work!My advice to you is BUY HIS INTERFACE!!!!You will be delighted!My rig is an ICOM-736.Thanks Neil!
Delete entry # 99
  I purchased a lot of one piece Icom CI-V / CAT Interface and three pieces of Kenwood one.
They work excellently. I obtained them very quickly. Thanks to G4ZLP for a great business!
Delete entry # 100
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