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Nigel 2E0

My radio doesn’t support TX via the CAT system, so I purchased (from another site) one of those CAT interfaces with the extra built in "non-CAT" - PTT option (paid a lot extra for it too). Not thinking things through, I thought it was a good idea at the time but I was soon to be dissapointed. It works, but it's the same as pressing the key on my microphone. I found it pointless to press TX in software then turn around to pick up the microphone, have an over then turn around and switch the software back to RX..... I was advised that it will be useful when I use DATA modes, so I got a new DATA interface and I now realise that any DATA interface worth its salt (inc mine) will generate it's own PTT... So, I now find after paying out considerably more for this PTT option that it is was a waste of money.... AND, not only that, the DATA interface plugs into the Acc socket (as it should), so now I have nowhere to plug this dam PTT mod anyhow..... Not everything that glistens is gold, obviously the extra PTT is just a sales gimmick that has no real use.... I will get me a no gimmicks, "standard" CAT interface next time, and I will buy it here, from someone who doesn't offer useless gimmicks to entice my wallet.

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