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When things go as expected there is little motivation to leave feedback
and only one in "hundreds" go on to leave positive feedback.
That is what makes positive feedback so valuable and so appreciated.
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Gordon Lindsay G0KGL
  Digi pro+ and leads great service. Needed some hand holding to reset up with a new computer, but Neil is very patient did some testing to get me back on air.
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  Hello,Just received the Pro+,came with ALL cables to connect too FT1000D,good delivery ,nicely packed, two simple emails to neil to clarify a very small problem ,sorted in record time , on air and first qso with a VE2on 20m ,,Thanks neil for all help,, Sure is recomended
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Keith M1VHT
  Hi Neil your minipro arrived safe n sound and I was up and running in less than 10 minutes on RTTY thanks to the clear instructions as per your web page.
Many thanks for your help in choosing the correct lead for my ft-1000mp mk v
I have included your bit of kit in my QRZ blog and also in my TX macros on the digital modes
73 Keith M1VHT
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Steve Walker
  Hello Neil,
Just letting you know the MiniPRO came yesterday, all fine and up and running within moments of getting in! Had some PSK31 contacts in DM780 more or less straight away.
Pretty easy to get the Icom 7000 running, used "USB" and then set up the TX audio level to not light the first red bar in the ALC graph - that seems to coincide with full power - which is what you would expect.
RX audio level was easy - just watched the SN ratio in DM780 until it was a sensible figure and the super browser worked!
Was just writing to say thanks for a fabulous interface.


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  Quick delivery installed easy with Windows 7 works great with my Kenwood 450

Very pleased with the quality will order another for my 847

Used lots of signalink before in my old shack but these are great and has a better quality of build and audio
Delete entry # 205

It arrived yesterday, what a fantastic piece of equipment!

Installation was easy I had the whole thing setup in under 15 minutes. Connected it up to my Yaesu FT450D and I am now enjoying using Ham Radio Deluxe V5.
Easily one of the most useful bits of ham radio gear I have bought this year!

Brilliant, thanks
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G1EWS Steve
  At least as good Tx and Rx as my signalink, costs less than my signalink, instalation (if I remember right) was the same as my signalink....
And I have it hav it connected to my 706mk2g and my 857 at the same time and press the switch to swap between them.

Keep up the good work.
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Dave G0AYD
  Hi Neil,
The unit arrived today many thanks for quickly dispatching it,all fits fantastic and works just as well.
Regards Dave G0AYD.
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Robin G3VZL
  Dear Neil
Many thanks for the prompt execution of my recent order for a digimaster pro plus. This arrived safely, and with the aid of your excellent on line instructions I was soon up and running with my FT817nd together with HRD and DM780 software.
So far had qso on several bands using BPSK31 and also successfully resolving other modes. The interface is easy to use to adjust signal levels and works well. I am impressed with the rugged construction.

73's and thanks for a great interface.

Robin Newman G3VZL
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Durval - PY2KPY
  Hello Neil, I received my DIGMASTER PRO +, and I can say it was a perfect match with my yaesu FT450, congratulations for the equipment and fair price, I found all the information necessary in the site...
73!for ZLP team ,from Durval.
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Graeme vk7dz
  I recieved my Digimaster Pro Plus, was well packed and was working well on my desktop. Now the big challenge is to get it working on my Notebook Asus N61J.

Overall great unit and would buy another.

Cheers Graeme
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Andrea IZ1IVA
  I've recently purchased a DigiMaster PRO+ and set it up with a Yaesu FT-1000D and an iMac i5 computer (1). I'm very pleased with the performance of the interface and Neil's service!

The drivers are easy to install, just remember to reboot the computer straight after that, otherwise you might not see the new serial ports showing. Mac users are not used to that, but it's compulsory for USB interfaces!

Also, first-generation FT-1000(D) users should really buy the optional YL02C cable.

Coming back to the interface, it works brilliantly, it's about the right size not to clutter the shack and the potentiometers allow easy, on-the-fly audio adjustment.

I've always used PSK31, but after setting up the PRO+ I thought I would give RTTY a try. Well, my first contact was with PJ4E! It might have not been all the interface's merit, but it has certainly helped a lot hi!

(1) software used: MacLoggerDX, cocoaModem and fldigi
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  Just recieve the digimaster PRO+ for my Icom IC7400 and it works great. Bought my IC7400 second hands with a DIGIBOX3 interface, but had a lot of troubles with that interface, some strange clicking during SSB and Digimodes, but with the Digimaster PRO+ i get a clean signal in SSB and Digimodes in transmit and recieve with no noise or whatever.

I can higly recomend this interface.

Tnx Neil for your great product and service
Delete entry # 213

Fantastic interface , had a slight problem but proved to be set-up and a un-sheilded usb cable. Neil did email me as their was a problem with some of the supplied cables.

i just got one from ebay and perfect works very well.
in fact i have now found that two of my other cables were not that good and i have replaced those as well. Great interface u wont need to look elesewhere this is Daddy of interfaces.
Delete entry # 214
  Digimaster pro +

Great product and the service has been excellent

Thanks Neil
Delete entry # 215
  Hi Neil,
The DigiMaster PRO+ for my FT817 arrived and is up and running.
This without doubt a better package than that signalink.... and easier to set up and control etc. I think the girlfriend wont be seeing me much this weekend.
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Alessio IZ0TKF
  Good morning,
I already bought from you three Digimaster: 1 for a TS-2000, and the other two for the FT-Yaesu 817 and FT-450 Is it possible to use one of the two Digimaster Pro + from Yaesu for a FT 897?

Compliment for your products!!!

[A] YES, the one for the 817 has exactly the same cables and can be used directly on the 897 (and 857 and FT100).
Delete entry # 217
  purchased the digimaster pro+ , to go with the yaesu ft2000 , all i can say is follow the instructions to the letter and you won,t go wrong i had to contact neil over my own mistake he repled almost immediately and resolved the issue . you will be up and running in minutes it,s that easy
many thanks
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Brian G6STE
  As an owner of a new FT-950 and using HRD V5 for first time, I found the use of the G4ZLP USB dual channel interface a really easy way of connecting to both HRD and the FT-950.

I got the DigiMaster Pro+ (which included all the correct leads and instructions; you'll only need an adaptor for the Key socket if you want CW)
All details are here:- http://www.g4zlp.co.uk/unified/DM_PRO_PLUS_complete.shtml.

When you order just select the FT-950 in the box below price and you'll get all you need.

I got the USB sound card, as it allows you to stop all the system sounds being transmitted.

Learning both the FT-950 and HRD all at same time is a steep curve.

Neil, G4ZLP, is very helpful. He also provides lots of configuration information on his site. I believe that the DigiMaster Pro+ uses the FTDI chipset. I'm having no problems in windows7.

Using the DigiMaster Pro+ you won't need a separate USB to Serial adaptor or 9-pin Female to Female, it has two channels; 1 controls the FT-950, 2 connects the data ports to the sound card etc. Very easy to set up and use just make sure to choose PTT via Com Port in Digital Master 780 (part of the HRD suite).

73, Brian G6STE
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Gary KE5TD
  The digiMaster pro+ works great and I have never had so much fun with my Icom 7000.

Thanks Neil,
Gary KE5TD
Delete entry # 220
  Dear g4zlp,

Hi dear OM G4ZLP,

you delivered a very good quality product very quick.

Thank you.

vy 73 de Uwe DL5DRK
Chief OP: DD0DRK
Delete entry # 221
  I bought a year ago Digi Master USB Mini Pro + USB soundcard for my FT450AT. I am very satisfield with how it works. I use HRD + DM780 + K1EL. Excellent product.
Delete entry # 222
Ian - G6BJJ
  D/M minipro..

fabulous little beasties, got 2 of them. and use them for Raynet data working.

Just one little hint... its not actually mentioned in the instructions or paperwork but you may need to make the internal link for some handhelds (Kenwood TH-D7) to get the PTT to work.

Thanks guys

Delete entry # 223
  Hallo Neil ,
mini pro deliver today , he works marvellously ,
100% thank you !
regards , Max PD5MAX
Delete entry # 224
Javier - Ea3vo
  Digimaster Pro +

Very good interface, and very fast service

Thanks and Greetings from Vallromanes JN11DM
Delete entry # 225
  I bought a Digimaster PRO+ from Neil. I had purchased from Neil before, so I had no doubt that the quality would be top notch. The DmPRO+ arrived to my QTH in Ohio about a week later. Everything I needed to hook it up to my Yaesu FT-950 and PC was included.

I hooked up all the cabling and turned it on. XP brought up the New Hardware wizard and I told it to search the internet for the drivers. It found/installed the same drivers that Neil provides a link for on his site.

It only took a short period of time to get N1MM + MMTTY as well as Ham Radio Deluxe set up to take advantage of this interface.

It's working great for CAT control, CW/PTT keying, FSK (using the EXTFSK dll in MMTTY), and all of the AFSK modes. CW/CAT control in N1MM works great with no problems during contesting. I have HRD set up to use PTT via the comport as well as to key CW via the comport, neither of which I could do with my USB soundcard interface that I bought earlier this year.

The DmPRO+ only requires two USB ports, and only if you want to use the USB Audio stick that Neil provides. If you already have onboard sound and want to use that, then you only need one USB port. No PC serial ports are needed.

This interface does everything and more, and requires significantly less PC port resources and less cabling. I now have a much cleaner installation.

The DmPRO+ provides two serial ports, so you dont have to worry about CW/PTT/FSK conflicting with CAT control.

Neil's support is excellent, which I already knew from previous experience. If you email him for support, he is very quick to reply relative to time differences between The UK and US.

I can't say enough good things about the Digimaster PRO+. Thanks, Neil, producing high quality products and supporting them as well.
Delete entry # 226
MJ0SIT Steve
  Hello again, just ordered my third mini pro and cat cable great products thanks.
Delete entry # 227
Alex, g7kse
  All received and running nicely. Thanks for the very quick postage
Delete entry # 228
Gary 2E0YQC
  Had both my CT62 and my DigMaster USB Mini PRO now for 4 years, not once have i had any problems with cable or box...wish some of the shopes would be as quick and sell well made gear like this... would Highly recomend to any one. Cheers 73
Delete entry # 229
  So impressed with a G4ZLP CT17 that I purchased some time ago, I decided to invest in a DigiMaster PRO+... And just as before, it does everything the ad says its supposed to do, far less expensive than other isolated interface options out there that don't do as much !
Delete entry # 230
  I have used the Digimaster USB Minipro interface that was recommended to me by a friend, I am very impressed.

I have used the interface with a Yaesu FT817ND and an Icom IC7400 using PSK, SSTV and EasyPal on both radios with no trouble whatsoever.

The USB MiniPro is a small interface that takes up barely any room on my desk in my shack.

73 Chris 2E0FSR
Delete entry # 231

Thanks, Interface arrived yesterday, and is brilliant!

First tested with wsjt - that just worked, I think I had to change the com port and a couple of the sound settings in some fancy thing my laptop has but it was very easy.
Then on to digipan - equally easy and then N1MM - a bit more faffing but I got mmtty stand alone working first with the EXTFSK dll and then bolting N1MM on top was fine. That
was with CW FSK PSK all working just fine. Then on to the CAT. Eventually I managed to suss out how to convince N1MM to work, you had to fiddle with a couple of things.

Anyway the bottom line is that I retired to bed truly happy with CW FSK AFSK PSK WSJT and N1MM fully controlling the rig through the CAT interface, all through the one USB on my laptop. So, it does - everything.

I'll write up the settings I used for your website, most things were "obvious", but the experiences with the CAT interface to the TS-2000 through N1MM should save someone else a bit of time.

Delete entry # 232
  thanks, DigiMaster USB MiniPRO 2 are a good product, I am satisfied, to the pleasure to make future purchases, thanks and I gather occasine to greet.
Delete entry # 233
G1EWS Colin
  After looking at several options from other suppliers G4ZLP was recommended to me by several friends. I went ahead and bought the DigiMaster PRO. I am glad I did!
Had the PRO over a month now and to say that I am delighted is an understatement. I am operating DATA modes, real CW and CAT all via the same interface all at the same time.
Software is a real treat and the interface fits in so well with HRD and DM780 (and works with all other software I have tried too) that it makes operating the 857 and the software a real pleasure.
It just doesn't get any better than this!
I am glad that I did not make the mistake of spending more for an UK (G3) interface that did much less.
Delete entry # 234
DL7DG Dieter
  Makes life so easy using DATA and CAT with HRD and DM780. Side by side on my screen controlling and using my 857D through the one USB box could not be easier or better.
I found it simple to set up (even for me with little PC experience).
Delete entry # 235
  Some background...

My local club has REALLY been getting into digital the last year or two - we even have a weekly 2-meter digital net so members can test out their gear and software settings, and get advice from some digi-experts.

I tried first holding the mic close to speakers of the rig and the computer for digital, but as you can imagine, that becomes old REAL quick.

Tried out several different digital interfaces - and they worked to some degree - but was never completely happy with any of them.

The last one I tried was the West Mountian Radio NoMic on my Yaesu 897D. It worked out OK, but on the 2-meter net I would have to TX and quickly unplug the NoMic and plug my microphone back in to talk.

Another problem with this set up was I was using my only serial port for Ham Radio Deluxe and rig control. Had to buy an "USB to serial converter" for the digital interface, and that presented it's own set of problems...

So I bit the bullet and bought the best ZLP interface he sells - the "DigiMaster USB Pro". I think I paid about $160 delivered to Michigan from England back in winter 2009. I see today that the price has gone down.

I was REALLY surprised when it arrived in just a few days, package was in perfect shape, was VERY easy to hook up, and it work perfectly the first time out. So now with one device I have rig control, a data interface that every piece of software seems to see, I don't have to unplug and re-plug in my mic, and I can even do keyboard CW in CW mode to boot!

I hate to admit, but since making general I have not been using my Morse Code and most likely wouldn't even recognise my own call sign. This interface has a key plug, so it does NOT imitate CW in another mode - it actually keys the rig in CW mode!

So bottom line, there are good interfaces out there for data modes, for CW, and for rig control. Some of the interfaces use serial ports - getting scarce now-a-days - and some use a USB port, but this thing is the cat...
Delete entry # 236
  Hi Neil,
the miniPRO 2 worked flawlessly from the first minute, excellence
isolation. Keep up the good work.
I added also a picture in my site.
73 de SV1GRN
Delete entry # 237
EI5JV Adrian
  Just a short 'thank you' re the MiniPro interface.
Nice little unit - easy to use, and having the USB soundcard thown in is a great boon -
saves messing with the 'windows' soundcard on the PC.
Everything was set up very quickly, and, once I'd found the comport that Windows XP had allocated, I was up & doing the digital TX/RX thing in no time....
Currently running WSPR - and my 1 watt signal was successfully 'spotted' by VK3SMC on 20m -
can't be bad !
So - many thanks for the nice little interface, and the great service

Adrian - EI5JV
Delete entry # 238
  Perfect for Hamradio Deluxe
I got my DigiMaster PRO earlier today, it arrived 24hours after the order was placed.
A couple of days ago I bought the Mydel SB-2000, a similar product but I wasn't very impressed with it for two reasons:
The CAT speed was only 4800baud and only one comport was assigned - no good if your run Hamradio Delaux and some digimodes.

The DigiMaster PRO is so much better: Cat baud rate with my FT-2000 runs at full 38000 Baud, no more delays. A second comport is also assigned which makes running Hamradio Delux and digimodes so much easier.
The set-up was very easy as well.

In a nutshell: I believe this is the best product out there and the price compared to the SB-2000 is about 50 less.

The SG-2000 will have to be sold on Ebay or hifissb.com

Would I buy another one? Any time!
Delete entry # 239
  Thanks for your really fast service. I recieved the Digimaster next day after placing my order. I have to admit I was a little concerned about setting it up, but even for me, with your simple instructions I was up and running in less time than it took the kettle to boil. I am absolutely delighted with your product and service.
Once again Thanks and I would recommend you to all.
Best Regards Richard.
Delete entry # 240
Tony M0ZZA
  I purchased the DigiMaster PRO for my 897 and wanted to use my 897 with my FC30 so I got it with the DATA cable and "y4" CAT cable to connect CAT via the mic socket ( I can still use the mic via the supplied adaptor).

I received the interface yesterday. Absolutely terrific thanks. For the first time ever I can use the 897 as I have been wanting with the FC-30 tuner. It was very easy to setup and I had no problems.

Thank you so much for your help
Tony M0ZZA
Delete entry # 241
  The "modem" is very well done.
Use it in all digital modes and works fine even with small signals.
Delete entry # 242
G0NIG Nidge
  I've been using this interface for the last 2 weeks and so far it has performed flawlessly with all soundcard based data software I have thrown at it, e.g. Digitalmaster 780, MixW, Digipan, WJST.

Installation is simple, download the serial driver from the website, choose your software of choice, plug the interface in, and away you go.

The unit itself is housed in a very robust box, the only external features being an on/off button and a two colour (color) LED for rx (green) and tx (red). Neil supplies interface to radio leads for all popular radio's, mine being the Icom-IC736.

I only had one very small issue and that was with the supplied USB cable, when used I was getting a small bit of interference on 20m but replacing this with a high quality screened cable cured the problem.

The service from G4ZLP is excellent and in most cases the item is shipped on the day of ordering.

For anyone who hasn't tried the datamodes and wants a hassle free introduction to this bleepy warbly world I have no hesitation recommending this interface.


Nidge (G0NIG)
Delete entry # 243
4Z5OZ Vlad
DoubleQ . Quickly and Qualitly :)
Many thanks
Delete entry # 244
Lee m0hok
  I have bought the DIGIMASTER COM PORT version and it is excellent.It works everytime no problems at all and comes in a nice small solid box. I've also bought a CAT CONTROL CABLE and again it's superb.All at a very good price too ! ZLP is always willing to help if needs be.Recommended.
Delete entry # 245
Phil G6YAL
  I've been trying out for the last few weeks the DigiMaster DUAL Channel USB Audio-Data Interface with various Programs. FT817 Commander, Ham Radio delux, PSK31 Delux and now MixW 2.18.
Everything works perfectly that I have tried so far. I've been away from Ham radio for around 10 years so many of the modes are new to me.
It was nice to be able to buy a piece of hardware that "JUST WORKED" straight out of the box leaving me to just figure out the band plans and how the modes worked !.

Before purchasing the interface I had a few question which were answered very quickly, one returned to my inbox within 2 minutes of sending. Now thats what I call service.
Delete entry # 246
Tony - W3FLH
  Outstanding quality and customer service, good shipping rates/times. Neil went out of his way to help me get everything up and running, and was very patient, as I am very new to digimode operation. CAT control (FT-990 via HRD) was flawless.
I highly recommend this interface; it's well-constructed, functionally simple, works FB with every program I've thrown at it, and is very reasonably priced, even having to ship across the pond.
Thanks again, Neil, top-notch product and unbeatable after-sale service!

de Tony, W3FLH
Delete entry # 247
dimitriu vladimir YO4HHA
  Hi All
I have from Neil 2 days ago a DIGI MASTER MINI PRO USB and i like it verry much
Verry good product,verry quiet in digital modes whith ic 756pro2 no problem at all
I recomand these product ,don,t ezitate to have one
Delete entry # 248
  Thanks for your assistance just before SSB FD Neil
Interface worked well.

Regards from all at Norfolk Amateur Radio Club
Delete entry # 249
  What a fantastic product. Very nice case and good qaulity construction.
Been using psk31 and very happy with the reports, it picks up the weakest of stations on the waterfall and decodes them with ease.

Will be coming back for a civ cat interface in the near future.

Delete entry # 250
  I bought the Mini Pro and even as a complete beginner in didital modes, had BPSK up and running with the Mini Pro and HRD in under an hour. Unit very well built and supplied with correct and well made cables. Operation is completely seamless, level setting an absolute dream and for thye price, well recommended, you should sell 1000's !
Delete entry # 251
  I got the MiniPRO and have had it for jus 2 weeks now. I must say that the feel of the interface is superb, all black, small strong metal case. On/off switch and red/green led for tx/rx. I plugged it in, Windows detected it immediately and automatically installed the drivers. I plugged it into my FT857 and was amazed to be working psk31 in less than 10 minutes after taking it out of the box. Operation is flawless. I have had many qsos, always get good reports, and can 100% decode traces on the waterfall that I can hardly see! To say I am happy is an understatement.
Delete entry # 252
Glenn ZS2GK
  I purchased the DM USB Data-Audio interface and set it up on my laptop. The drivers installed flawlesly and gave me the virtual com ports that I lacked on the laptop. It connected to my Icom IC-7000 via Ham Radio Deluxe and out-performs my Homebrew unit that has a pre-amp and attenuater circuit. The quality and construction is superb. I use it with MixW2, MultiPSK and a couple of SSTV programs. Highly recommend this and any products from Neil and ZLP Electronics.
Delete entry # 253
  Digimaster USB plus

Just an additional note to my last message, This interface works great under Linux - Suse 10, Ubuntu 6.2 and the CD version Digipup 1.33. Digimodes and rig control work well under all distro's.

Thanks Neil
Delete entry # 254
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