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When things go as expected there is little motivation to leave feedback
and only one in "hundreds" go on to leave positive feedback.
That is what makes positive feedback so valuable and so appreciated.
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M0OBU John
  The Digimaster Pro 3 arrived next day, and was installed in minutes, in place of another well known interface from USA. I am now a very happy bunny. Over the last few days I have sent and received SSTV pictures with Japan, and had several RTTY and PSK31 Contacts all over the world from Chile to Essex. I must recommend you to my friends, and also to the general public for an excellent BRITISH MADE product, that really works, but more so for your excellent after sales help and assistance.
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Barry G0SBU
  Digimaster Proplus.
I was and still am a complete novice with Data modes.
When I ordered the equipment from ZLP Neil was very quick to realise I didn't have a clue what I was doing and with a quick phone call he put me on the right track. I set my interface up as per instructions and with some help and guidance from Neil my station was up and running. Yes I had some hiccups along the way but have made lots of contacts all over the world.
ZLP are an asset to Amateur Radio and I cannot fault them for their help and support.
A++++ and Thank You for your products and support.
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Adrian - YO3IQI
  I bought DigiMaster ProPlus with the cables for ICOM IC-706. I received as a bonus the external sound card! Very fast delivery! Easy to set it up with WIN VISTA and HRD/DM780 for CAT and BPSK31!
Thank you,
73 de Adrian YO3IQI
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  It works very well the DATALINK and PRO3 collaborate simultaneously on a computer PSK31 on 20M and PACKET broadcast on 2meter thus transmit and receive the same is a miracle.?
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Neil M0NJJ

Top quality build, very sturdy and better than its equivalent signalink.

Overall very impressed, don't waste your money on anything else, just buy one of these.
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Doug NZ2W
  The Pro 3 is an excellent performer. Got it to replace a tigertronics USB Signallink. It has worked without a problem on my Kenwood radio and I just acquired an ICOM 706 and ordered the cables over the weekend. Thanks you for the good work and good service!

Doug NZ2W
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  Many thanks dear Neil. Really low noise PRO3 interface! From KO46 make firsts EME QSO used Your device! 73 QRO!
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  Three months ago I purchased a DigiMaster ProPlus with all the respective cables for my Yaesu FT-897D and so for I'm delighted with it.
So much so I've purchased the set of cables so that I can also use it with my Icom IC-756PROIII.
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Olivier DK1CM
  Fantastic Neil!
Thanks a lot for the flying support!
Have a good time.
Best Regards,
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  I have the ZLP CAT Interface for my Icom 703 and it works like a charm on windows7 64bit Ultimate.My previous Icom cat cable (prolific) was freezing HRD.But does work good on WindowsXP but i no longer use for radio.
I have also got the ZLP MiniProSC data Interface and with its built in sound card its so damn easy to setup and get going! I have other interfaces which are good but use the pc sound card which is not a problem but with having ZLP's products side by side they look good together and work fantastic!! I'd recommend ZLP to anyone ;)
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David MM0AMW
  Hi Neil, just a quick update. I made just under 500 contacts in the WPX CW contest at the weekend using N1MM contest logger and the PRO 3 never missed a beat. Worked flawlessly.

Delete entry # 111
  Today I recieved the MiniPro SC and I would like to say how impressed I am with this product, it arrived at 12:10pm and by 12:20 it was up and running and recieving better than the other Codec based sound card product on the market that I owned before this one, finally if you are new to the this part of our hobby you wont find one easier to use than this one.
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  I just want to say, my MiniPro is outstanding. I've had for about 5 years never had a problem. Neil gives superior customer service. I would not purchase an interface from anyone else
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  just received my datalink, very impressed with it. Thanks for including the DIN plug. 73 de Joe EI5EV.
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  I recently bought the ZLP DigiMaster Pro 3. Firstly - Neil answered my presales questions by email within hours. I placed my order and the product was in my shack 48 hours later. Upon taking the product out of the box my observation was that it was very robust and well built. Neil's set up instructions were spot on, and the process very easy, thank you. A great little addition to the station! It ties up only 1 USB port on the PC and performs 3 functions - I like it. Have not had the need for after sales yet but I'm sure Neil will be on the ball if required. 73, Nigel G0BNR
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  *DigiMaster ProPlus*

Excellent service and pre-sales support; prompt delivery. It took very little time to set up with my FT-897D/FC-30 ATU and laptop with the optional Y4 cable to enable CAT from the front MIC port. Looking forward to some digimode /P this coming year. So far I’m a happy bunny and recommend this unit for those looking for Data and CAT in a single box.
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Adrian - YO3GFH
  *Digimaster MiniProSC*
Have it for about a month now, and seems to work very well with my FT-450D. It just works :-) Make sure you read the "Operating DATA" tab on the FAQ/Support section, I didn't and ended up asking Neil silly questions :-)
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2M0BMF Fergus
  Hi MiniProSc arrived today. Came in from work and was all up and running without any problems in about 5 mins.

Great little box thanks Neil.
73's mate
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  bought a MiniProSC as my rigexpert is very limited to the programs that can use it.

does so much more than my rigexpert, havn't found a program it's not compatible with.
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Dave, G4JBE
  MiniPro Sc
Purchased recently and had problems setting it up with Win XP and DIGIPAN. A couple of emails to Neil (who incidentally went out of his way to help) proved the problem to be with the Digipan software.
I changed immediateley to AIRLINK EXPRESS...
set up within a few minutes (literally) and the
hardware is running perfectly.
A huge thank you to Neil......real customer service and thats not found to often!
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Erwin - PA3EFR
  Excellent piece of equipment. Also worked in dusty and hot environment (YA). Would recommend this to all operators in data operations.
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Toni PD1AW
  Received my Digimaster Pro 3. Setting up the interface with my TS480 was done quickly.
Keyer was not recognized at first, the problem was my laptop with Windows 8.1 , removing com port drivers and installing them new was the solution.
Worked today CW without any hassle.
I will recommend this interface to any HAM
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Adrian G8TNU / M5ADL
  Thanks for the DigiMaster ProThree. It works superbly on a MAC
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Toni PD1AW
  After using my Digimaster Pro Plus with my TS-440S for a while, i am very pleased about the interface. It does everything it supposed to and more. Never ran into any problems so after concidering a transformation of my Pro Plus to
work with my new TS-480SAT I decided to order a new Digimaster Pro Three to interface my TS-480SAT. This way i have 2 rigs fully interfaced working alongside each other. Now i have to make some Stub filters so I can use the rigs simultaneously on different bands without interference.
Can't wait 'till i recieve the Digimaster Pro three.

Regards, Toni
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Carlos - CT1EHK
  Friend Neil
Thank you for your attention.
Is working 100%. (Pro3).
I like this interface because it is 3 in 1
Im only has usb cable connected to the cpu.
Very good for activities outside of the qth
I'll refer you to colleagues around here.
Good Christmas anda good ano2014

Carlos Ventura - CT1EHK
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Wolfgang DK6UZ
  DIgital Master Pro 3:

I was nearly on the ground with other interfaces like mh USB 3 or USB 2 in the past. i had the prblem to connect my rig DX 9000 via a suitable interface to HRD. IT seems that this would be a never solvable problem. I wrote to Neil I got the interface within 2!!! days. I plugged in the cables and it works. He assisted me personally via teamviwer and gave me instructions via email and screeshots and now it works. No Yaesu no HRD people Nobody helped me with a final success. I want to thank you Neil and your crew for all the things happened in the last weeks.
Wolfgang DK6UZ
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  Received the "Mini Data Pro Interface" in five days to Italy, and everithing was as described.
Just connect into my FT857 and WORKS!
Thanks Neil i hope to do business again in the future with you!
Ciao Francesco IK6SMW
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  After lots of umming and ahhing and emails to Neil I decided to get the MiniPro SC to use with my 817nd for psk31 and whsp.net. It arrived nicely packaged next day. I'm running Windows XP and 7 and it worked perfectly with both. I had a bit of trouble at first getting it all to work with the 817nd but that was down to my knowledge ! Email support is excellent. I've now got a Yaesu CAT interface and DigiMaster DataLink from Neil, great units much cheaper than the Signalink. I'll be back for more.
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Leon Uys ZR6LU
I picked up the interface from the couriers this afternoon and rushed home, switched on the laptop and the radio and plugged in the cables and in 5 minutes I confirmed a contact with Jacques FR4PG in Reunion Island. This is one awesome interface! It works exactly as it should and as a bonus my signal quality is perfect. My biggest challenge now is to learn how to work the pile-up that is calling me. Thank you Neil!
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  Ordered MiniProSC after very helpful and quick advice given by Neil. Fast delivery and quality product arrived next day. Literally, plugged interface in and everything work seamlessly first time. Using FLDIGI and WSPR at present with no problems whatsoever. Excellent product, excellent service, excellent advice. Don't hesitate - buy one now!
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  MiniPro SC - Excellent service. Worked straight out of the box with appropriate tweaks to software. Can recommend.
Delete entry # 131
  Ordered the MiniPro SC - what a delight - plug and play first time, only needing to change the software setup of DM780 to the new USB Sound Card, adjust the transmit volume and was having successful QSO's PSK and JT65 in minutes of opening the package. Unit was purchased to replace another of a different manufacture which had failed and very satisfied. Also to note is the very low background noise from the sound card , some of the cleanest signals I've ever seen on the waterfall...great product.
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John Rowlands MW1CFN
  A quick word to say thanks for the advice and support and for supplying the interface so quickly. Really appreciated on both counts. Working within seconds of plugging it in.
Delete entry # 133
  Got Pro3 interface for TS-590 - plug and play. The sound card is very low noise! Cat works as Rolex ;-)
Built-in keyer - no problem. Very convenient. Make no mistake, I tried different interfaces.
73! Hello DX`s!
Sincerely, Vadim
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Richard F8FGU
  The order arrive in good condition and fonction very well with my ic 737.
Thank you 73' to Richard F8FGU.
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Loïc 14HF092
  Ordered a DigiMaster Proplus, delivered very quickly, and few minutes after my first qso in psk31 with Thaïland !!
Thanks Neil for this nice product !
Delete entry # 136
  DigiMaster USB MiniPRO DATA Interface
Yaesu USB CT62 CAT Interface dongle
It's a while by now I use the interfaces with a FT897D and various flavors of software and I'm very happy of these tiny and wonderful pieces of hardware!
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Alain - F1MDT
  Bonjour à tous
J'ai pris un Digimaster Pro+ et je peux dire que c'est un des meilleurs que j'ai eu entre les mains . Avantage supplémentairement est l'isolation galvanique avec le transceiver. La mise en route est simple à condition de choisir le bon câble pour son TRX lors de la commande de l'appareil. L'interface USB audio fournie est de bonne qualité mais facultative si vous avez une bonne carte son. Je conseil l'utilisation d'Ham Radio de Luxe super programme en mode digital qui va bien avec cette interface. 73 a tous et bon DX - Alain sk ...
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  My digimaster MiniproSCmini with soundcard arrived very promptly ,Thanks Neil. Neat unit looks great.
Now fitted and working very well excellent easy set up thanks for the good instructions ..
Really good value for money and I am sure I shall be back for another lead as have just acquired another rig for portable usage.
Delete entry # 139
Greg K0GDI
  Pro3 awesome! This is like a rigblaster data plug & play with signalink in one!
But better!
73 de KØGDI
Delete entry # 140
Lau ov2b
  Just to let you know – today I received my Didital Master ProThree…..FANTASTIC product….!
Delete entry # 141
Mike M0MSC
  Hello Neil, MiniProSC arrived today thanks and as usual a perfectly crafted piece of equipment.
Many thanks
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Steve U, KE6A
  This interface has taken my HF activity to new highs as it makes possible contacts that would otherwise be impossible for my modest station. I've had it since 2010 and it has worked with no troubles. I recently made the mistake of moving the interface to another rig and could not for the life of me figure out what I did to make it not work. Neil worked with me until he solved the problem - I had plugged one of the connectors in backwards. Neil gave me this product support several years beyond the stated 1 year warrantee. You're going to appreciate this product and the stand-up guy who makes it.
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Bill Ward 2E0BWX
  Yesterday received my DigiMaster DataLink interface from Neil - upgrading from the DigiMaster MiniPro which I had for 4 years without any issues.
The upgrade was certainly worthwhile - excellent telephone support from Neil - I would recommend ZLP Electronics without any hesitation.
Many thanks for your help, Neil.
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DigiMaster ProPlus.

- Installed quickly
- Notice well explained
- Does its job
- Correct price

My review in french :


Delete entry # 145
Arrived, installed and all working fine.
Many thanks for your help - fantastic service as usual!
Delete entry # 146
  Ordered the Mini/Pro a few weeks ago. Works fine, members of the local club helped me with the setup. Highly recommended. Now enjoying PSK at last! Instructions clear concise and easy follow. (I am disabled).
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Robert HA5OLA
  DigiMaster MiniPro arrived today. I set up under Ubuntu 12.04 inside which with a Virtualbox a WinXP is running. Tried with Ham Radio Deluxe and UR5EQF works fine. After 1 minute of setting up I did QSO with Ukraine!
Thank You again for the good service.
Robert Berend
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Steve K3STV
  Steve K3STV
Works great, solid construction, generous support.
This interface has taken my HF activity to new highs as it makes possible contacts that would otherwise be impossible for my modest station. I've had it since 2010 and it has worked with no troubles. I recently made the mistake of moving the interface to another rig and could not for the life of me figure out what I did to make it not work. Neil worked with me until he solved the problem - I had plugged one of the connectors in backwards. Neil gave me this product support several years beyond the stated 1 year warrantee. You're going to appreciate this product and the stand-up guy who makes it.
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N1EA David
AFTER getting your goods and seeing the quality of them - it is obvious in component choice and fabrication methods and materials, you always selected the best.
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Chris GW0DQW
  My Pro Three Data Interface arrived very quickly and was on the air with 40 minutes, very pleased , good quality and superb instructions. This is my second purchase off this company and had no hesitation in using them again when I wanted to upgrade.
73 Chris
Delete entry # 151
  have digmaster mini pro good quality item,had problem with my Ft897.When using Digmode DM780 Software,Was listeningon say 14070 but when Transmitting is was showing 14074, Tried everything that Neil was very helpfull anbd tried everything. It ended up by me doing a Master Reset of the radio. Neil is an assest to the Amateur community
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Wolfgang DK6UZ
  Digital Master Pro 3:

I was nearly on the ground with other interfaces like mh USB 3 or USB 2 in the past. i had the prblem to connect my rig DX 9000 via a suitable interface to HRD. IT seems that this would be a never solvable problem. I wrote to Neil I got the interface within 2!!! days. I plugged in the cables and it works. He assisted me personally via teamviwer and gave me instructions via email and screeshots and now it works. No Yaesu no HRD people Nobody helped me with a final success. I want to thank you Neil and your crew for all the things happened in the last weeks.
Delete entry # 153
ON4MBL - Claude
  Hi Neil. The Pro3 arrived this morning and Hi Neil. Thank you for the quick delivery. the DigiproThree works fine and no problem to install with the Yaesu Ft-950
and congratulations for the achievement of your interface.
ON4MBL - Claude
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John 2E0JAX
  Hi Neil
Thanks for the leads for Yaesu Works a treat i received them on 09/01/13.
John 2E0JAX
Delete entry # 155
John - KA7CVJ
  Just wish to say that I bought 2 of your interface kits awhile back. Built them both and had no problem what ever getting each to work first time. Sorry to see that they are no longer available to order. Time marches on, so they say.
Good product worked for me first time, and still ticking.

73 KA7CVJ John
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DK6UZ Wolfgang
  Gret job from neil again. he fixed my problems in connecting my FT DX 9000 via HRD to the interface of him.
First he had a teamviewer meeting with me.
fisrt step: the rx worked.
After that he send me a step by rep description for the tx problem I had. Today I will finish my tx setup.
Thanks neil for endless help and unbelievable patience with me.
G4ZLP is my new interface dleiverer.
DK6UZ Wolfgang
Delete entry # 157
  Hi Neil. The Pro3 arrived this morning and works really well. Thanks for the quick turnaround and delivery.


Delete entry # 158
Gerry GI0ZGB
  Hi Neil, just to let you know the Digimaster Pro+ and TS-50 is working perfectly with HRD, Fldigi and Mixw, thank you for your assistance, much appreciated.
Delete entry # 159
MW1CFN John.
  Hi Neil,
I am always quick to complain, so I shall be equally quick to congratulate. Feel free to use the words below on your web site or elsewhere:
Within 25 minutes of the Datalink arriving at my door, I was sending out WSPR signals across the world with it linked to a Kenwood TS480. No driver issues, no jumpers to install (or buy!), no software headaches, just an out-the-box success.
A lovely item, reassuringly made in Britain. For anyone in the market for a data interface, I say: support Neil - and get really good value for money!
Delete entry # 160
  I have a digimaster pro 3 ordered.Fast delivery.Very smooth installation and fantastic good support of Neil.Everything works perfect now.Tip for FT1000Mp possessors in conjunction with HRD (DM780) and analogue SSTV best results with AGC disabled.fine product 10/10
Delete entry # 161

bien reçu la digimaster mini avec son câblé dans une boite en parfait état
Merci pour tout
a bientôt


received the mini digimaster with its wired in a box in perfect condition
Thank you for all
Delete entry # 162
Pentti OH2BPS
  This latest digi-interface Pro Three works just fine with my 5k. First time I have keyboard CW facilities with my logging software Logger32 (HRD too complicated for my nervs, but will dig in deeper with that too).
WSJT connected without extra hassle (only added the keying port) so meet you on 6 meters.

I can warmly recommend this product.
Delete entry # 163
Ken 2u1ekh
  Thank you. PorThree arrived and worked first time with WINDWOS 8 PRO and FT450
All the best
Delete entry # 164
Arnaldo, PY4BL
  I received today the DigiMaster USB DataLink DATA Interface, and is working fine.
Arnaldo, PY4BL
Delete entry # 165
MiniPRO received this morning.
Working completely satisfactory.
Thank you for the support.
Delete entry # 166
Ian gm3rxu
  Ian gm3rxu

Thanks Neil,
The interface arrived yesterday morning as planned.
I'm just setting it up just now as I didn't get a chance yesterday. I plugged it into an Acer Aspire One A150 Netbook with WinXP Pro installed and it just worked. No fussing with with drivers. It's driving an IC7000 on 20m WSPR at the moment, again no fuss. WSPR found the interface and chose it automatically. Remarkable! I can now throw out a 15-year-old tower system!
Many thanks
Ian gm3rxu
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Greg G4EBY
  Received the Pro3 a few days ago; the third interface that you have provided me with over a number of years. The time between unpacking and using the interface on air was 10 minutes. Drivers installed without hassle. I particularly like the CW WinKey feature and, of course, the single USB for CAT and audio is nothing short of brilliant! Thanks Neil"
Delete entry # 168
Allan GW4VPX
  Pro Two Interface for my Kenwood TS 570D. Very prompt delivery and well packaged. An hour of careful installation and following instructions to the letter enabled me to get on the air without any major problems using HRD and ACER laptop. Thanks
Delete entry # 169
  Purchased the Pro3 data interface for my ic7000. Was operating psk in 10 minutes on my windows 7. I like the onboard soundcard and built in CIV interface and am impresed with the onboard CW interface.
Delete entry # 170
  Digimaster Pro2 V2
Ordered and arrived well packed within a few days.
There was a problem getting the CAT to work with my FT1000MP and after a few emails to Neil, found the fault to be overheating of the CM3 Module. A new module was delivered next day and the problem solved.
Excellent unit and well built.
Neil provides first class support by email and responds very quickly.
The measure of a good product and service is the support given when problems arise.
Thanks Neil
Delete entry # 171
Steve GW4WBT
  Thanks for everything and all of your info, both units up and working well and enjoying the data modes.
Regards.....Steve GW4WBT
MiniPro and RS232 CA interface for TS480.
Delete entry # 172
Terry G4POP
Well my Pro Three arrived from Neil a week ago so I have had plenty of time to put it through its paces.

Having used various Winkeyers over the years and having built them, all I can honestly say that the Pro Three provides everything my USB Winkeyer and US Navigator does!

Played in the Scandinavian contest and kept up with most of the fast CW guys using my Begali Contour plugged into the Pro Three (P3) Then I had a go using some of the software that supports Winkeyer like WKManager, N1MM, DM780 etc and all worked 100%. With the P3.

It is nice for me to have everything in one box because before this my portable set up had the Pro Two plus the Winkeyer USB with all of the associated cables, now it is much more tidy.

Installation was automatic and effortless on both my XP and Win 7 machines and the new com port was recognised immediately.

Good effort Neil I am sure the P3 will be very popular.

73 Terry G4POP

--- In ZLP-Digimaster@yahoogroups.co.uk, "terry_genes" <g4pop@...> wrote:
> Well there's a thing!
> Neil very quietly added the new Pro Three to his product range, no fanfare, Church bells ringing or flag waving! Although he should have done because he has just produced the most cost effective interface with built in keyer on the market and it is Made in Britain!
> The closest hardware to the Pro Three comes from the USA and cost about double including shipping!
> I had a chance to try his keyer chip during the developement of the Pro Three and it performed very well in a contest situation and I would say almost identical to a Winkeyer PIC.
> Can't wait for my Pro Three to arrive as it will compliment my existing ZLP products and be great for my portable station.
> Terry G4POP
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Chris GW0DQw
  The DigiMaster ProTwo --- Brilliant, working with
Ham Radio Delux within minutes of arriving,good
value and quick delivery.
Thanks Neil
Delete entry # 174
David G6VMI
  Hi Neil
Thanks for the supply of the ProTwo. Just to let you know that it arrived safe and sound on Saturday. It is all up and running, thanks to your clear intsructions.
Best 73’s
Delete entry # 175
  Hi Neil
Package arrived Ok. Many thanks. ProTwo Unit working great a nice bit of Kit.
Delete entry # 176
  Received my Minipro and leads this morning., 20 minutes later all connected and set up brilliant I am chuffed to be back on Digital Modes again. Thank you for the brilliant pice of equipment and also brilliant servce not forgetting the good price.

73 John GM0EMQ
Delete entry # 177
john 2E0JAX
  Hi Neil
Received Digimaster with lead today all in and working blinding service so quick.
Cheers neil
john 2E0JAX
Delete entry # 178
Glenn G8NOF
  Delivered installed and working perfect.
Easy to set up from your instructions.
Great product.
Delete entry # 179
Johan ZS6KZ
  Thanks Neil
Received the DigiMaster USB ProTwo.
As usual, very nice piece of kit, after reading through your online setup guide, I was up and running with HRD & DM780 in 5 minutes flat on my FT-950.
Also joined the Yahoo group.
Thanks for your kind assistance.
Regards & 73’s
Delete entry # 180
Nick - G3KFB
  Digimaster Pro Two - Thanks very much for all the help Neil. An excellent product, working nicely. I have never come accross such fantastic product support I will be recomending the unit to others.
73's De Nick G3KFB.
Delete entry # 181
Mark 2w0rmr
  Thanks neil, this is my third product as i'm into digital modes, another great one, the Pro 2 easy set up and works great !
Delete entry # 182
Tommaqso HB9FEZ
  Hi Neil,
sorry but I do not speak English. :) I want to thank you and congratulate you for theDigimaster ProTwo, a beautiful object is useful for all the new digital modes,including CW.
Best regards
73's Tommaso HB9FEZ
Delete entry # 183
  Hi Neil,
just to confirm that my /P setup is up and running, consisting of [DigiMaster ProTwo], FT-857D, Z-100 and fldigi on W-2000 with an old Siemens-Fujitsu lifebook.
Installing drivers and setting up CAT and rig was quick and without problems.
I could use Hamradio DM780 but it would take too many resources whereas fldigi is running on nearly everything, similar to MixW.
Thanks again and best regards
Delete entry # 184
Bill – G4ERV
  Hello Neil,
Just to let you know that the Digital Master Pro Two came yesterday and it is already installed and working well on my IC7000.
Thanks for such a fantastic service and product.
Kind regards,
Bill – G4ERV
Delete entry # 185
  Hi Neil,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my DigiMaster this morning and tried it out this evening. I had never used (or even seen) Ham Radio Deluxe before but following your instructions got everything set up for PSK31 effortlessly.
Many thanks for the advice, for the clear instructions, for the easy-to-use hardware and a great way into digital modes!

Delete entry # 186
John G8CAU
  DigiMaster ProTwo and FT950.
A quick report after a few days of ops.
John - G8CAU
Delete entry # 187
KC1CS Jim.
  Hi Neil,
Took delivery of my second DigiMaster ProPlus today and of course it works great.
I now have one on my FT950 and one on my FT2000.
Thank you again for a great product truly the best.
Delete entry # 188
  I got the Pro Plus so I can have CW, AFSK and FSK with my FT-950 without the need for cable swapping. The Pro Plus was an excellent choise for this and works great.
Delete entry # 189
Chris 9HBW
  Thank you for the excellent service you have offered me.
De Chris 9HBW
Delete entry # 190
  pro+ digimaster , Needeed additional cables to operate with my FT817nd ,,
Neil answered every email that i sent with my lack of knowledge .many thanks for all the help and much patience .Great service and after sales support
Delete entry # 191
Russ - 2W1RSS
  Hi Neil,
Thanks, I received the interface on Tuesday which is excellent service. All up and running, no install or set problems encountered. Very impressed with it and am enjoying exploring digimodes.
Running it with FT-857, Ham Deluxe and DM780. All works together perfectly.
73 Russ - 2W1RSS
Delete entry # 192
  Struggled with other interfaces, the DigiMaster MiniPro with optional lead arrived in 2 days, within 10 minutes I was up and running with the FT-1000MP, great job and thanks.


Delete entry # 193
Bat-Erdene, JT1CS
  I red about G4ZLP Cat interface on the qrz.com forum and decided to purchase it.

I received my DigiMaster USB ProPlus on the 11th day after the payment. Delivery was a lot quicker than I was expecting. And the note of Neil on the Custom label helped me to get it without any tax.

I had some problem configuring my HRD and DM 780 but Neil did all necessary configuration through TeamVeiwer and now my DigiMaster USB Pro+ working just fine. I'm very happy with Digimaster and also the service that Neil provided. Also, he responded on my e-mails quick and it was helpful.

Because of ZLP Cat interface my logs will not be in disorder any more.

If I get another transceiver I will definitely get Digimaster from ZLP Electronics. Thanks for GOOD job.

Best 73s
Bat-Erdene, JT1CS
Delete entry # 194
  Bougth the digimaster pro+ for my old but good working Kenwood ts 450s,and got it within a week.Had some problems to get audio!!!after a while I find the problem my audio of the pc was not open enough!!! Iam very pleased with the Digimaster pro+ Made osq's in all kind of modes. What Neil promised was true it works perfect Thanks a lot ON4AMP Pieter (Pete)
Delete entry # 195
Jamie GW7SMV
  Hi Neil,
Received ProPlus today and all working just fine. Set up was easy and even cwtype is now working.
Very nice kit.
Delete entry # 196
Colin - G6AVK
  Hi Neil,
Just to let you know the DigiMaster USB DataLink DATA interface and cables all arrived safely and is now installed and working FB with the TS850/FT847
73 Colin - G6AVK
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Mirco IZ0EUX
  Hi dear friend received some day ago digimaster usb pro plus.
In a half hour, between FT450D radio settings and reading manuals of digimaster and HRD, was fully functional thank you !!!!
Very simply to use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

73 de Mirco
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HA6FQ - Papp Dénes
  Hi Neil!
I would like to thank you for the quick delivery of your modem DigiMaster USB PRO+ .
It works perfectly, all is well!
All the best dear Neil!
Vy 73 & Dx!
HA6FQ - Papp Dénes
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Ricky 2W0ZAN
  Recently ordered a digimaster mini pro plus various cat leads. Delivered to my qth within a couple of days. This is the second interface I have purchased from ZLP and will almost certainly buy from here again when I need another one.

Excellent value for money..well done Neil!
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