To run the software on this page, depending on your version of Windows and the software you have installed,
you may or may not also need the MicroSoft mscvr100.dll.

Remote PTT

Specially developed for DigiMaster "Pro" DATA interfaces and may not work properly with interfaces from other manufacturers.
For activating a DigiMaster DATA interfaces PTT remotely. Allows simple Internet remote operation (VOICE MODE) using Skype and remote control software such as TeamViewer and HRD. Installed on the remote PC to which your radio is connected via a DigiMaster DATA interface. To configure, simply log on to the remote PC, start the software, click on Port Selection and select the port assigned for the DigiMasters PTT line. To Tx, simply Click "Tx" and your Skype audio will be transmitted by the radio. Click Rx and your radios receive Rx will be heard on the local PC over the Skype connection.

Remote PTT: Download [Free].

Code updated 27th April 2013.

Specially developed for DigiMaster microFSK / (our WinFSK interfaces).
For transmitting FSK RTTY at ANY baudrate.
ALL the standard baud rates are supported as is any user rate baud rate between 10-600 baud.
5 bit baudot, 7 bit ASCII, 8 bit ASCII, everything you would expect.

microFSK and HRD (You can use any RX software of course).

mFSK V1.02: Download [Free]. Instructions. Programming info. mscvr100.dll.

Code updated 17th May 2013.